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The Most T Ever


The most hormonally fueled person I know has recently had a major life crisis and has changed a great deal. And it got me to thinking about them. Don't worry their handling it ok, but its been rough, Muscular Dystrophy usually hits the super physical extremely hard.

Anywho, this person is quite possibly the roughest damn cob on the whole farm. Also, she has a vagina. The person I know who best exemplifys what a real hormonal imbalance is a newly overweight middleaged chain smoking woman.

Id like to share a few things, and I hope some ppls will reply and maybe share a few stories about the toughest SOB they know.

Gail is her name. When gail was pregnant she got mauled by a dog in Waterbury park. She was walking her dog and some bikers sicked there dog on gail. So she scooped up here dog over here head (old chow-chow), the other dog clamped on and starts eating her leg.

She starts yelling to her husband to get her shotgun so's to start killing people. well, the bikers ran away with their dog, but not before she broke several of the naughty dogs ribs by punching.

I know a guy who saw gail deadift a 300lb deadwoman from a hospital bed to a gurney.

Gail once dragged a neighbor who had severely offended here, out of a store by her hair so as to beat her up. When the woman started crying, gail said the neighbor was a waste of time to beat up, so she beat up the neighbors husband instead.

This last one is no bullshit. Right before she got disabled, a nurse (gail was a CNA) severely offended her. Gail leapt over the nurses desk, pushed here down the hallway, screaming how she was gonna get her ass beat. The nurse pees her pants (gail has post-traumatic stress disorder).

When the cops showed up, she told the deputy, "You need to get out of my face before I beat the Fuck out of you", then goes to hit him. The deputy runs off, calls the DON and says, "I will not go near here, shes to scary". She was able to scare the administrators into not firing her.

Dont get me wrong shes a very lovely woman, until you piss her off.

So whose the toughest, most testosterone fueled person you know?


This is probably not going to win me brownie points with you but I would have run your friend Gail over with my car and then had her arrested.

She sounds like a psycho. What adult goes around fist fighting like an asshole?

well Karma works I suppose.


Yeah, I agree. I never understood why people are unnecessarily assholes.


My aunt knows a lady who ripped someone's eye out.


I would have a lot of respect for her ability to cope with a major illness, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

I have no respect for someone who gets by in life using voilence and intimidation.

A few people in my life have some very serious medical conditions. They don't act out in violence or throw in the towel because things are tough. They are too busy working hard at a good life.

The testicular fortitude that they demonstrate IS phenominal.


Wow. Im in awe and dumfound by her aggressive nature and her dominance over people. Lol,I guess thats my Hormones speaking. Im still a teenager and I guess I hold high respects to the toughest,meanest dog in the pack.

Anyway,I know such person. He came into my life like a speeding right straight and left it by the time I knew what hit me. His name was Brad Lee. It was a week after Summer school and I just joined the gym. While I was minding my own buisness doing leg presses,one of the most intimidating guys ive ever seen walked past me. Red Mohawked,Tattooed,sharped and focused eyes. He was a mere 5`6 but he had 200 pounds of muscles stacked on him.

After he came around me again he asked if I wanted to wrestle him since I looked pretty built for my size....I agreed. Man,I never had anybody kick my ass so brutally in wrestling. I ahd mroe cuts and scrapes just from messing aorund with him than i ever did with fighting.

Anyway,me and him became fast friends. I just learned that he just recently turned pro in MMA profession. I was in awe with his skill and strength. He told me about his life story...about how he went to jail for like a year,how he fought all the time back in Oklahoma,about how he came to be who he is now...it was all great. He even taught me some moves and if he ahd stayed longer I could have been as good as him.

I met gangsters,criminals,and tough guys alltime in..in my neighborhood,at school,even at church...but I never met a person so intimidating,so dangerous as this guy.


Sounds like a mentally challenged bitch who best exemplifies what it means to be an inbred hick.

Why does she have muscular dystrophy? Karma.

As for the toughest, most testosterone fueled person I know, that would be me. And I'd knock Gail the fuck out


SHe sounds a lot like my sister. My sister always had to be the tough guy, all the time. She would go around and just start shit with people just for the fuck of it. I hated being around her, or having to go anywhere with her because she would always try to fight someone, or argue with someone, or just generally be an asshole whenever she could.

And god forbid you go out drinking with her.......for fucks sake, sometimes I wished she would just get hit by a truck or something so we wouldn't have to deal with her tough guy, macho, big dick, "I'm gunna kick yer ass", BULLSHIT.

I remember one time we were at a bus stop together, and there was this illegal immigrant looking guy, and she just went off on him for no reason at all. She jsut started screaming at him, then she started punching him. Well, turns out he was in a gang or something and a few days later they found us walking home. One of them pulled a gun on us, and I thought we were going to get shot. Then some construction guy pulled up in a truck and scared them off.

I hate my sister. She is such an asshole. When I read this I thought of her immediately. SHe sounds exactly like her, fighting people for no reason, acting like a tough guy, loud mouthed, macho bitch. She has been an embarassment to the entire family, she has been in and out of jail so many times, she has fought with and insulted everyone is this family numerous times, she is truly a cross to bear for this family.


Most T = most aggressive and annoying person?

I once knew a guy who assaulted someone with his fists while wearing a diamond ring. The dude's face was one big gash afterwards and my ubertestoteronish thug pal went to jail once more.

Why are so many guys here sensitive about the presumed effects of "Roid Rage" when at the same time they worship and applaud stupid, bully-typish behaviour?


I once had a psychology professor say, testosterone is the hormone that makes you want to get out of bed, estrogen keeps you from killing people once your up.

I personally think Gail, my moms, behavior was quite heinous. When she almost beat up that nurse my brother and I thought about bringing her into the cops ourselves. Im not tryin to say, heres a real maniac we should be like that. But she is a good example of when people are running off of pure hormones.

I thought perhaps you all knew dickheads like that, and this thread could be used as a type of vicarious learning exercise.

Listen, Im going up to here house in 5 minutes to get some of my tols she borrowed. Im fucking dreading it, she'll prolly try to sucker punch me cuz its 'funny'. lol.


Yesterday I killed someone for stealing the 105 lbs. dumbbells.


She can't be "a very lovely woman, until you piss her off", and a hormonally fueled sucker puncher. Pick one.

Further, how do you know it's a testosterone imbalance? It sounds like a plain mental imbalance to me. Or if it is a chemical imbalance, maybe it's PMS possibly caused by estrogen excesses, progesterone deficiencies, Vitamin B6 deficiencies, low levels of serotonin, excess of prolactin, or altered glucose metabolism.

Testosterone gets a bad rap. Let's not perpetuate it.

Oh yeah, the possessive form of "she" is "her", not "here".



I agree, being an asshole or psycho is not an admirable trait.


Beating people up for no reason is not a positive quality and has nothing to do with testosterone.
By equating T with doing so, you're really just adding to the illusion that testosterone should be viewed as "harmful".

It's a shame that the idea of men standing up for testosterone will be hampered by idiots like this.


Here's high T