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The Most Pesticide-Heavy Fruits/Vegetable


The environmental working group recently update their list of the most contaminate fruits and vegetable for 2014. They refer to the top 12 as The Dirty Dozen foods.


^Gotta buy organic fruit man.


Organic foods are not healthier or safer that non-Organic foods.



Being that apples are at/near the top of every 'Dirty Dozen' list for the past several years, at least buy those organic.


That link is unclickable and can't be copy/pasted, so I'm not sure what you're referencing. It's not nearly as black or white an issue as you're making it out to be. There have been several studies indicating that organic is the better choice and, as with most things, there have been some studies with conflicting results.

But I have read in some places that, even if organic isn't more healthy than conventional (contains more nutrients), it's almost-certainly less unhealthy, meaning it contains lower amounts of toxins/pesticides. For that alone, I think it's a better choice.

I've been a member of an organic CSA farm for five years, so I get organic locally-grown fruit and vegetables delivered once a week from June to November. In the offseason, I get organic stuff from Fairway, Whole Foods, and BJs Wholesale (their house organic brand has some good stuff).

While "healthy" isn't exactly something you can feel, I do know the food simply tastes better. It's definitely a bit more expensive and a borderline luxury (especially when it comes to meats), but I do believe it's a worthwhile investment. You don't have to go 100% organic, but there's no real downside to at least picking a few items - either the most common stuff you eat or what's known to be the highest risk foods - and going organic for those.


Colucci...man, you are probably THE most valuable poster on this site. You come through EVERY time without fail. As usual, well done.


Id second that. He is an asset to the site.


3rd that, the paisan comes through each and every time.

Not to mention, that IMO, organic just tastes better than conventional food.

Even more so for organic meats.