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The Most Painful Pip Ever Experienced


So I got this new Test that has 350 test per mg instead of 250.
23 gauge 1.5 inch 3 cc syringe. only injecting 1.4 cc at a time…

.5 test, .9 primo

never had any problems with the primo.
my guess is that this horrible pip is from the test

i have HUGE bruises on my shoulder and my ass. I followed proper protocol. cleaned everything, asipriated etc. but still i thnk this stuff crystalizes like a sonabitch.

i did NOT heat up the oil prior to injection. I should have done that.

anyway. looking for remedies for this bruising? any suggestions?

yes, I have tried turning my computer off and then back on again.


There really needs to be a sticky for this kind of question it seems to come up every couple of weeks, nearly always with high concentration test.
Using “search” which seems to be only accessible on the homepage now, since changes to the website, will bring up a number of relevant posts.

Long story short I suspect its the ethyl oleate that is used to keep high concentrations of steroid in solution. If you are allergic to it it will give you terrible PIP, and swelling. Check your vial to see what the ingrediants are. If it EO you will need to get some lower concentration Test, that doesn’t have EO in it. You will need to pin more mls, and perhaps inject more frequently but you won’t have PIP.


Beyond is right. I am sensitive even at the 250mg/ml.


the concentration is almost certainly the problem. warming it is definitely worth a shot, but I suspect that may not provide enough relief. I don’t know how open you are to cutting it with more oil yourself, but the next step would be to cut it down to something more manageable (250ish) with oil. Your supplier likely used to much BA, so cutting it will reduce the BA concentration.

Or just buy new test at a lower concentration and count it as a loss if that’s not a viable solution to you. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to deal with substantial pip/bruising.

have you done multiple injections with the same result each time?


multiple injections.
read some great articles about pip and concentrations and small esters hurting more bc of higher melting point.
i heated this last one up and it still hurts but much less. I will continue to heat it up.


I used to get wicked PIP that lasted for about 5 days on Test 300. I stuck it out and over time it has reduced significantly. I always heat my oil and my wife (who pins me) massages the muscle pretty damn hard right after the shot to spread the oil around. That helps alot. I also used to only pin my glutes but it got to where I couldnt find an area without a lump in it. I added both quads and now I have several days between sites. That also helps. Good luck.


you need to stab the needle in harder


Also use a smaller needle. 23g 1.5" is not necessary.

25g 1" or 5/8" is much nicer inject with.


lol in a stabbing motion like in pulp fiction?


Like throwing a dart. +1 on the 25g needle.