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The Most Junk Food You've Eaten in 1 Sitting?


I just ate about 90 chocolate chip cookies and 2 full containers of pringles for breakfast. Damn My head hurts!!!!!!!!


And by "about 90" I mean 22.


I used to do a very strict similar-to-velocity-type diet (before the Velocity Diet was invented) that allowed for a once-a-month "pig-out" (under the auspices of restoring glycogen and so on). I forget the exact quantities of what I consumed that day but it was absolutely obscene. Definitely enough to feed the country of Senegal well into the next decade.

The details are hazy as I entered a near-diabetic coma and state of mental fog, but some key players were Ben and Jerry's, Pizza Hut, Double-stuffed Oreos, and those double-decker tacos from Taco Bell.


I remember reading about a carb-load day in the Anabolic Diet thread that made my jaw drop. It was a post from DH, the daddy of AD.

I used to put away large pizzas in college with ease...


I once did 4500 calories in chocolate alone. Didn't bother calculating the pizza and chips into that though. (i blame the weed and reeses for making such good peanut butter cups, bars, and anything else lol).


In one sitting, Im not sure. I've eating a tub of ice cream and a bag of cookies before. Something like that. When I've binged in the past, I've gotten over 20k cals in a day though. Felt like shit for a day or two, like my insides were rotting.


I ate a bk quadstack in about 20 seconds once (I think that things about 1,000 or so cals).


1 pt Ben n Jerry's
1 pt Haggen Daz

about 2300 calories IIRC, in about 10 mins


Ha! For sure.

Some memorable ones... quite a few times just last fall I sat down with a large pizza and a bag of Keebler's or Chips Ahoy M&M cookies... ate everything before I stood up.

Let's see... couple of pizza/ice cream/macaroni and cheese binges.

I don't know. So many years of fatty fat eating habits... there's almost too many to go through.


a large pizza, a 2 litre of coke, a bag of lays chips, a bag of double stuffed oreos, a wunderbar and a serving of Allmax Nutrition weight gainer "Quick Mass"


And a serving of some "Quick Mass" LMAO.

Like you needed the extra calories at that point. I'm sure you point on "mass" alright. :wink:


Binging is cool and all, but shit, that's just disgusting. At least binge on burgers or pizza so you can get some protei....ah, what the hell.


I've got a feeling the bong was telling him what to do at that point...


12 slices pizza, bowl of spaggeti, 3 slices apple crumble, 1brownie dollop ice cream+sauce and marshmellows...


years ago i ate three double guarter lbers from mcd's at one time.

and i have eaten acouple of those big chocolate easter bunnys


I was thinking exactly that but I only had about 4 bucks to spend. its amazing how much junk food you can get in the 99cent store for that amount.


two tripple cheese burgers, 6 chicken nuggests and a big mac with a thick shake I was sick for a couple of days


100 chicken wings(13,000cals) & 12 Sam Adams Octoberfest beers(1700cals) on super bowl sunday this year.


Niiiiiiiccccceee :slight_smile:

When I was in high school, my pregame meal was 2 Big Mac Combo meals supersized. Not sure how many calories it is, probably a shit ton. But 2 Big Macs, 2 Large fries, and 2 cokes went down nice.


triple whopper with 4 bacon, 6 cheese, large fries, large coke -->> then later had another whopper

different day had macers for breakfast, kfc for lunch, hjs for dinner :slight_smile: done that on to many occasions when its wake up, laziness, go to uni then work. busy schedules call for crazy measure..

oh and wat i ate -> bacon mcmuffin, sausage mcmuffin, 2 hashbrowns, 3 pieces of KFC chicken, chips, breadroll, gravy, pepsi, coke, more coke... double whopper, large fries, more coke... that was my old habits... no wonder im fucking skinny-fat :open_mouth: