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The Most Jacked Guy in Medical School? (J4GGA2's Krypteia)



Ah. Got you. :joy:. If you squatted 190 x 23 “ages” ago, you definitely have 330 (149 kilos) in you.


Ages being like 5 months ago. I remember the set took about 8 minutes. Considering I grinded to get 110kg (250) for a single today, I think 330 is a while off :joy:. Good goal for the coming months though :+1:



Aye I checked my logbook and it was 75kg (160) x23

That makes more sense


Just keep working. What % TM do you use? I’m finishing off my third cycle right now, so maybe I can be of some help if you’re struggling.


Monday 15th of October
Squats: 1’s Wave, Week 3

Going to push it as hard as possible before deloading next week.


  • Ankle mobility
  • 2x20 TKE’s
  • Agile 8

Squats (no belt) / SVJ’s:

  • 20x 8ish / 3
  • 40x3 / 3

Squats w belt / Kneeling Ab Wheels:

  • 65x5 / 15
  • 77.5x4 / 15
  • 87.5x3 / 15
  • 100x2 / 15
  • 110x1 PR / 15

Video coming soon. I think my biggest issue is wiggly hips.

Deficit RDL / Toes-to-Bars

  • 60x6 / 8
  • 87.6x6 belt on / 8
  • 110x6 PR / 8

Deficit RDL is definitely my strongest lift. I have a feeling it’s because I’ve got strong hamstrings but my lower back is too weak to break a heavy conventional off the floor.

Goblet Squats / GHR’s / Suitcase Carries

  • 40x2x15, 40x20 PR / +5x3x10 / 25x2x40m, 30x40m PR

The 20-rep set on the Goblets took almost everything out of me.


Stoked with how well this session went, but I know I’m going to be needing that deload.


I’m doing my own program, so no training maxes. Basically, I’ve got four three-week waves: 8’s, 5’s, 3’s, 1’s, structured as follows:

  • 8’s wave [3 weeks]
  • 5’s wave [3 weeks]
  • Deload [1 week]
  • 3’s wave [3 weeks]
  • 1’s wave [3 weeks]
  • Deload [1-2 weeks]

For each wave, the main lift is programmed as such:

  • 8’s wave: 5x8 @ 60%/70%/80%/90%/100% of top set for the day
  • 5’s wave: 5x5 @ 60%/70%/80%/90%/100% of top set for the day
  • 3’s wave: 5x3 @ 60%/70%/80%/90%/100% of top set for the day
  • 1’s wave: 5/4/3/2/1 @ 60%/70%/80%/90%/100% of top set for the day

The goal is to add 2.5kg or 5kg to the top set each session.

Each session also involves a supplemental lift, programmed like this:

  • 8’s wave: 10/10/10+ @ 60%/80%/100% of top set for the day
  • 5’s wave: 8/8/8+ @ 60%/80%/100% of top set for the day
  • 3’s wave: 6/6/6+ @ 60%/80%/100% of top set for the day
  • 1’s wave: 4/4/4+ @ 60%/80%/100% of top set for the day

Again, the goal is to add 2.5kg or 5kg each session.

After that there’s assistance work laid out as giant-sets.

This program also involves two 20-30 minute conditioning sessions per week.

So yeah, TL:DR no TM


How’s that working for you? It looks complex, haha.


Pretty good. It’s not exactly complex, just got lots of percentages flying around. It’s basically ramp to a heavy 8 for 3 weeks, ramp to a heavy 5 for 3 weeks, deload, ramp to a heavy 3 for 3 weeks, ramp to a heavy single for 3 weeks, deload.


That sounds smart. I’m curious, though, where did you get the inspiration for the program from?


Mostly from Alpha’s/Brian Alsruhe Linear Progression program

I changed it a fair bit, using different rep schemes and supersets for the main lift instead of giant-sets, but the idea is the same.


CT has a program Simple Guaranteed strength and size program. A bit of the same.
4 days a week. 2 upper 2 lower. first day 3x8 second day 5x8 like yours. the 3x5 + 5x5, 3x3 + 5x3, then the 5,4,3,2,1 rep scheme CT likes.
Same weight for both day but 2 sets more on the second day.
I’ve just finished the 8’s weeks can’t wait to start 5’s week.

Is this the first cycle? Has it been serving you good?
Have you figured out your new program, if not I could throw something “new” I just found your way :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m really enjoying it, but this final wave is a huge grinder

I’m undecided about trying the new program. I mostly write programs as a mental exercise, but it did look pretty good.

I’d love to read it regardless. I really enjoy reading programming


Al right I just found a “new” coach online. by the name of Ben Pollack.

Losthog has just signed up for some group coaching by him.

He has a channel on youtube in the video sektion he has 4 videos called unf*uck your powerlifting program, they are a bit down in the videosections about a year old.

He is coach on phdeadlift dot com and on there you can sign up for 2 free programs a 4 week power lifting program and one called unf*ck your program for 12 weeks.

Take a look, it’s not rocket science but he knows a thing or two. Not much different from Brians work.


Yeah I know about him but I haven’t looked into his content too much.

I’ll definitely have a look when I have more time. I don’t really consider myself a powerlifter though, I more just train to not be weak or out of shape (lame as, right).

Will do, cheers for the tip


If you choose to follow Ben’s programming prepare for destruction. When I saw it I was like this is too easy…I was wrong I’m sore all over from yesterday’s work. Been a long time since I’ve been this sore.


Hmmm sounds… fun? Is there a hypertrophy phase as part of the program or something? That would be useful, because I’ve been thinking of doing BBB Beefcake or Guaranteed Muscle Mass for a few months after I’ve leaned out for some size gains (so hopefully around February or March 2019)


It is a mix of powerlifting and hypertrophy I am trashed


Tuesday 17th of October
Bench: 1’s Wave, Week 3


  • Simple Six

Rows / Bench:

  • 20x some
  • 45x5
  • 52.5x4
  • 60x3
  • 67.5x2
  • 77.5x1 PR

NG Chins / Z-Press:

  • 6 / 22.5x6
  • 5 / 30x6
  • 12 /37.5x7 PR

Circuit A: Triple Threat / Band Row to Forehead / Band Row to Neck / Band Row to Chest / Incline DB Press / Seal Row:

  • 4x5 / 4x10 / 4x10 / 4x15 / 35x 10, 10, 12, 10 / 35x 12, 12, 12, 15

Circuit B: Hammer Curls / CG Push-Ups / Overhead Cable Triceps Extension

  • 20x3x10 / 3x6-8 ish / 15x3x12

Cable Rows:

  • 50x6 warm-up
  • 60x8 + 50x10 + 35x15+8+12+10s isometric [drop set + triple rest pause on final set + isometric]

inspired by @kleinhound

Back is trashed


Thursday 18th of October
Conditioning: Crossfit???

Took my jug down to the nearest football field:

Circuit: 10 rounds

  • 1 clean and press with jug
  • 50m zercher carry (more like running)
  • 200m run (more like jogging)

Finished in what I judge to be 35 minutes. Good times…

It’s been rainy as so I got home caked in mud and grass, which actually made me nostalgic to rugby.

Otherwise, this was very tough, but kinda enjoyable? Implement/strongman type conditioning is way better than straight intervals.


Friday 19th of October
Deadlifts: 1s Wave, Week 3


  • 2x20 TKE’s
  • Ankle Mobility

Deadlifts / Depth Broad Jump to SVJ

  • 60x5 / 2
  • 65x3 / 2

Deadlifts / HLR’s

  • 70x5 / 15
  • 82.5x4 / 15
  • 95x3 / 10
  • 105x2 belt on / 10
  • 117.5x0
  • 117.5x1
  • 117.5x1 / 10

Yeah my deadlift sucks. I’ve got a huge sticking point just off the floor, and my low back always gives out first. I’m going to change up my deadlift programming for my next cycle. More on that in the next post.

Front Squats / Kneeling Ab Wheels:

  • 42.5x6 / 15
  • 55x6 belt on / 20
  • 70x8 PR / 25


Split Stance Hip Thrust / Back Extensions / Suitcase Carries:

  • 60x3x10 / 3x15 / 30x3x30m