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The Most Jacked Guy in Medical School? (J4GGA2's Krypteia)



Not sure, I started feeling it last weekend. I have a feeling it was dodgy sprint mechanics… oh well


Friday 5th of October
Deadlifts: 1’s Wave, Week 1


  • Ankle Mobility
  • Barbell adductor smash
  • TKE’s
  • Bird-Dogs

Deadlifts: ss with 8 Toes-to-Bars

  • 60x3
  • 77.5x5
  • 90x4
  • 105x3 belt on
  • 117.5x2
  • 130x1 PR

Worried about my form. Too round? @kleinhound @MarkKO @strongmanbrett

Front Squats: ss with 5 standing ab wheels

  • 40x6
  • 55x6 belt on
  • 67.5x8 PR

Looks like I’m dumping forwards and going deeper than I need

Circuit: Step Ups / Back Extensions / Suitcase Carries

  • 20x3x10 / 3x15 / 25x3x40m


I think it’s more a matter of getting your lats tight.


Good job on those pr’s man. With front squats try pointing out your toes a tiny bit more. Also Before every rep make sure to squeeze your glutes hard as well as when you’ve walked it out. Helps align the hips.


Ohhh okay yeah I can see why that would help. Question with bracing: I find it really hard to get a solid brace without standing fully upright, so when you’re doing rep work how do you like to do your breathing?

Cheers for the tips. I don’t think toes out will help me much as they’re already out at nearly 30 degrees when i squat, but the hip thing sounds really useful


This is how Greg has us set up for deads

Grip the bar
Pull the slack out - ok, I added that one
Squeeze oranges in your armpits
Straighten your legs, take your air and brace
Bend your knees, weight should be on your toes (knees will be over the bar)
Jump into the pull, quickly shifting your weight from your toes to your heels

Ok, answering the question. I follow all those steps every rep, except I don’t let go of the bar. It’s more about being able to get tight rather than how much air you’re getting in. That’s going to be different for each lift.

For deads, I find it’s about squeezing my lats (oranges) and my lower back (just above my glutes) because if I squeeze my lower back properly my abs are locked in anyway. I can squeeze my abs all I want and my lower back some necessarily lock in, so I just squeeze my lower back.


Thanks for the cues :+1:


so you prefer full resets to touch-n-go, okay.

Oooh okay never realised, huge help


I forgot one thing. Try widening your stance a little (thats why i said feet out a little more, the further my feet out are the more my feet are pointed out otherwise it fucks my knees and knees track better anyway. but i have no clue if its personal preference or not). it’ll make it easier to not go deeper with a wider stance . you dont see people doing wide stance squats ass to grass lol


true, I might give it a go. I think the main thing I need depth-wise is a bit more spacial awareness, but cheers though :slight_smile:


Saturday 6th of October
Press: 1’s Wave, Week 1


  • Chest Dynamic Warm-Up

Pull-ups / Press

  • +0x5 / 27.5x5
  • +5x4 / 32.5x4
  • +10x3 / 35x3
  • +15x2 / 40x2
  • +20x1 PR / 45x1

SA DB Rows / CG Bench:

  • 30x10 / 35x6
  • 30x10 / 47.5x6
  • 25x12+6 RP / 60x8 PR

I think my CG is stronger than my normal bench. Maybe I should try a different supplemental lift, like inclines.

Circuit A: Band Pull-Aparts / SA Standing DB Press / RGLPD’s

  • 3x15 / 10x3x12 / 5 plates x3x8

Circuit B: Face Pulls / Leaning Side Laterals / Full-Range Plate Raises

  • 25x3x15 / 4x3x15 / 5x15, 16, 20


Sunday 7th of October
Conditioning: The Walk of Shame

Remember those 20L jugs I mentioned a while back?

Finally, I put (one of) them to use.

Jug carries:

  • 1 water-filled jug for 4x400m in roughly 25 minutes

Each set was completed without putting the jug down. Instead, I moved the jug around between suitcase, zercher and shoulder carries. If I had to rest (which I did on sets 3 and 4), I squatted down and let the jug rest on my knee.

Beats running.

@duketheslaya @strongmanbrett @liftangryordie500

Give it a go fellas. You’ll probably beat me.


What the heck.

Maybe i could beat you, or maybe not but you’ll never find out because stuff that :joy:



Alpha wants you to do it


But…But…I have a Prowler…


Shots Fired


Will somebody please join my poverty gains smh :sob::sob::sob:

Also waking up this morning can confirm my back and hams are fucked.


I’ll have to give it a go.


Monday 8th of October
Squats: 1’s Wave, Week 2

Back to 5AM sessions. Honestly, I missed training first thing. I feel like I can bring a lot more intensity and focus early in the morning.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, I was s o r e


  • Limber 11
  • Ankle ROM
  • A1: Squats: 20x5, 40x5
  • A2: SVJ: 2x5

forgot TKE’s

Squat: ss 15 kneeling ab wheels

  • 62.5x5
  • 72.5x4
  • 85x3 belt on
  • 95x2
  • 105x1

Matched my PR. Next week I want to hit 110.
Everything but the top single felt shitty, but that last single felt strong and stable. @duketheslaya that hip tip was golden. I used it on my last set and it was smooth as. Cheers mate

Deficit RDL / Toes-to-Bars

  • 60x6 / 8
  • 80x6 / 8
  • 100x8 PR / 5

Based on E1RM’s, my deficit RDL is as strong as my conventional. TF???

Circuit: Leg Press / Band-resisted GHR’s / Farmers’ Carries

  • 5 plates x3x20 / light band x3x12 / 65x2x40m, 70x40m

Bitched out of goblets. Considering I was training on some yoghurt and fruit, I was cooked. That being said, I got a way better quad pump from the leg press and my lower-back and knees feel a lot better.

Finished up with my usual stretching routine.



On another note, for the last couple of weeks I’ve had a weird craving for marmalade, despite never liking it. Having bought a jar to have instead of honey with my PWO, I remember why I avoided it at all cost. This shit is nasty