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The Most Jacked Guy in Medical School? (J4GGA2's Krypteia)



So one of the trainers just took a piss wearing one of the gym’s weight belts.

I think it’s about time I bought my own


Saturday 22nd of September
Press: 3’s Wave, Week 3

So I didn’t get the weights I wanted for my main work, but the assistance was great.


  • Hip and Chest Dynamic Warm-Ups

Pull-Ups / Press

  • +0 x lots / 20x lots
  • +0x3 / 27.5x3
  • +5x3 / 32.5x3
  • +7.5x3 / 35x3
  • +12.5x3 / 40x3
  • +17.5x3 PR / 45x1+2 w leg drive

Gonna start the 1’s wave from 42.5kg instead of 45 coz this weight just isn’t working

SA DB Row / CG Floor Press

  • 25x10 / 35x8
  • 25x10 / 47.5x8
  • 25x10 / 60x7

Decided to go for normal DB Rows because I was getting carried away with Krocs. Also, I had to use a floor press as the benches were taken. Definitely overestimated what I could do, but that wasn’t a bad set.

Circuit A:
Band Face Pulls / Standing Alternating DB Press / RGLPD’s

  • 3x15 / 3x20x10 / 40x8, 45x8, 50x8

Circuit B:
Full Plate Raises / Leaning Side Laterals / Band Pull-Aparts

  • 3x5x20 / 3x4x15 / 3x15

Gonna swap the order next time and use reverse flyes instead

All up about an hour 15


I’m only 172cm tall that’s how lol. Also I rub bat poop on myself every night so I can grow wings. (That’s the real trick lmao)


Spent the last week at the beach with the gf. Good times. Luckily it lined up with a deload so I trained as usual, just haven’t recorded it

Monday 24th of September
Deload: Squats and bench

At a gym at the gold coast, so I didn’t know where anything was


  • Had to keep it quick so skipped all but some ankle mobility

Squats: ss with 5 HLR’s

  • 20x5
  • 60x1
  • 70x1
  • 80x1
  • 90x1
  • 100x1 Beltless PR

Didn’t have access to a belt so this ended up being a PR

Deficit RDL’s: ss with 30kg x15/side DB side bends

  • 50x10
  • 65x8
  • 80x6 Beltless PR

Again, this ended up being a PR too


  • 40x3
  • 50x3
  • 60x2
  • 70x0 (mis-grooved)
  • 70x1

Someone asked to work in so I couldn’t do my usual supersets, also i missed because these bars were a lot thicker than what I was used to, so everything felt a bit weird.

Barbell Rows:

  • 40x5
  • 50x3
  • 60x2
  • 70x1

Z-Press / Pull-Ups

  • 20x10 / 10
  • 27.5x8 / 8
  • 32.5x6 / 8

Finally found the fractionals

Thursday 27th of September
Deload: Deads and Press

Back at home


  • Ankle mobility
  • 2x20 TKE’s
  • Hip and Chest Dynamic Warm-Ups

Deads: ss 10s/side SA RKC Plank

  • 60x3
  • 72.5x1
  • 85x1
  • 95x1
  • 107.5x1 Beltless PR
  • 120x1 belt on

Decided to milk the beltless pulls a bit, 107.5 felt good

Front Squat: ss 10+10+10s RKC plank

  • 37.5x10
  • 47.5x8
  • 62.5x6 belt on

Pull-Ups / Press

  • +0x1 / 20x1
  • +7.5x1 / 27.5x1
  • +10x1 / 32.5x1
  • +12.5x1 / 35x1
  • +15x1 / 40x1
  • +17.5x1 / 45x1

All felt good

SA DB Rows / CG Bench

  • 25x10 / 37.5x10
  • 25x10 / 47.5x8
  • 25x10 / 57.5x6

Technically, this was a PR, as I replaced CG @ 57.5 with floor press last week


Saturday 29th of September
Deload: Bodyweight Workout

I figured since my deloads are quite close together, I can add in a 3rd bodyweight-only workout on deload weeks.

GIANT SET: 10 rounds

  • 5 dips [50 total]
  • 5 pull-ups [50 total]
  • 5/leg Bulgarian Split Squats [50/leg total]
  • 10 Bodyweight Squats [100 total]
  • 5 Toes-to-Bars [50 total]

All-up took 30-40min, feeling good the day after


How often do you deload. I’ve only had one deload since back to training and plan on having one after next week. I tend to get irritable/cant sleep much, exhausted mentally and body feels a little beat up. Im almost at that stage so one more week and I’ll need the deload i reckon.

I’m trying to have one every 5th week


I got one every 4th week right now. Charles Staley recommended it and it was in the original 531 plan, but I doubt it’s necessary.

I kinda like doing the bodyweight deload, so I’m either going to do that or add an 8’s wave into the plan, that way training would be:

  • 8s wave, 3 weeks
  • 5s wave, 3 weeks
  • deload, 1 week (Main and supplemental only)
  • 3s wave, 3 weeks
  • 1s wave, 3 weeks
  • deload (main and supplemental only)

Both plans seem alright, but I’ll probably try the above next cycle through.

I’m still really enjoying my training plan, but at some point, probably next year, I’m going to up my calories and try BBB Beefcake.


Plan looks solid bro

Up those calories skinny boi :sunglasses:. BTW what is your training motivation? To look good? Strength? Etc. Now that im doing strongman its way better to be training to compete in something because i have to push muself, rather than just go to the gym with idk no end goal.



My abs and obliques are finally coming through, and I’m losing the love handles too. Honestly, I prefer this look to looking strong with a shirt and fat without one. I’ve managed to stay at 75 for a while and keep getting leaner, and apparently I do actually “look like I lift” in most clothes.

This is something I’ve given a lot of thought. When I started it was to become a better rugby player, but that never happened. After that, I just wanted size/to look better, but training like that honestly didn’t work [for me, because I fucked it up]. From there, I started 531 and goals switched to becoming stronger. After that, PL. At the end of all this, none of the goals stuck, and I’ve been thinking a lot about why I train. I think, both looking back and as I often tell myself for a bit of motivation to do conditioning, I want to be the best version of myself I can be. That is be the biggest, strongest, fastest, most disciplined and best conditioned J4gga2 possible.

Frankly, that mentality reflects the way I treat the rest of my life. I try to learn anything from anyone I can, I try to avoid being judgemental wherever possible and I try to work harder than anybody else.

So yeah, TLDR: I train to be the best version of myself possible

This is a great point about having end goals, one that I learnt to apply to all my studies. I think walking into the gym with the mentality of maximising one’s potential causes a degree of self-competition. I doubt it’s as strong as the pressure of performing well, but I think it’s good enough for me.


Mad respect for getting lean man. Its alot harder than just lifting and getting gains.

That’s awesome man. I think so far you are doing a pretty great job.

Very true man


Monday 1st of October
Squats: 1’s Wave, Week 1


  • Ankle mobility
  • 2x20s TKE’s
  • Hip Dynamic Warm-Up

Squats: ss w/ 5 standing ab wheels

  • 20x some (paused)
  • 40x3 (paused)
  • 60x5
  • 70x4
  • 80x3
  • 90x2 belt on
  • 100x1

Not as easy as I wanted, but not bad either

Deficit RDL’s: ss w/ 5x5s/side half-kneeling Palloff press

  • 55x6
  • 72.5x6
  • 90x10 Belt on PR

Still can’t figure out why this lift progresses so well

Circuit: Goblet Squat / GHR’s / DB Farmer’s Carries

  • 40x3x15 / 6, 2x10 / 60x3x40m

Did nordics instead of GHR’s for the first circuit. Also used a narrowish stance for the second set amd about half of the third set of Goblets to try and bring up my quads

Finished with my now usual stretching routine:

  • lie down with legs elevated on a bench, focussing on breathing, for a few minutes
  • Sitting upright with legs straightened and spread as far apart as possible (making a V), 30s straight forward, 30s stretching over each leg
  • 30s pigeon stretch
  • hang from a bar

Looking pretty lean for me

wheels are bigger, but I’m still jealous af of @kleinhound 's quads

That’s enough chub-flexing for one day


How do you do these? I might try them. Looks interesting


Nothing special, I just chuck a couple of plates on the floor and use it as a platform. If I’m using bumpers just one is usually plenty as I’m usually going for about 3-4 inches deficit. During the rep I don’t touch the floor and go for as much ROM as possible safely.

There isn’t much else to say, really. Paul Carter has done a proper write-up about them here:


I’m kinda hating rdl’s atm so wanting something different. Will try these if not I’ll be doing heaby kb swings instead


I never liked normal RDL’s either. Though I couldn’t explain why, I enjoy these more


Looking good dude! Legs will be better than mine in no time


Aye fishing for validation worked :ok_hand:t4::ok_hand:t4::joy:

Cheers though


Tuesday 2nd of October
Bench: 1s Wave, Week 1


  • Chest dynamic warm-up

Rows / Bench:

  • 20x10
  • 42.5x5
  • 50x4
  • 55x3
  • 62.5x2
  • 70x1

Moved my grip out on bench because my chest is lagging

NG Chins / Z-Press:

  • 6 / 20x6
  • 6 / 27.5x6
  • 14 / 32.5x10

Circuit A: Triple Threats / Band Face Pulls / Incline DB Press / Seal Rows

  • 8, 8, 10 / 10, 5, 10 / 35x 10, 10, 8 / 35x 10, 10, 10

Circuit B: Hammer Curls / Dips / Band French Press

  • 16x3x8 / 3x6 / 3x12


Wednesday 3rd of October

18x100m ergo @ lv 10 resistance

I forgot to mention that I got a mild tear in my left hip flexor, so now i can’t run, lunge or otherwise stretch that muscle. Hence, I swapped sprinting for the rowing machine


What caused it?