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Being sick is an excuse for pizza right?

God damn I need a better quilt cover smh


Monday, 13th of August 2018

First day back after a stroke of the flu.


  • Hip dynamic warm-up

Squats: ss with 5 standing ab wheels

  • 20x lots
  • 40x3
  • 55x5
  • 67.5x5
  • 75x5
  • 85x5
  • 95x5 PR

Deficit RDL’s: ss with 5x5s/side half-kneeling Pallof Presses

  • 40x10
  • 52.5x10
  • 65x12 PR

Circuit: CS Goblet Squat / GHR’s / Farmers’ Carries

  • 3x30x15 / 3x12 / 3x60x40m


  • I honestly think I’ve struck gold with this program. I’m losing weight yet still managing to make solid progress so far, which I haven’t in the past. As a bonus I walk into the gym each day hugely motivated compared to somewhat ‘punching the clock’ with 5/3/1 or JM.
  • Not much of a quad pump, despite considerable soreness now, ~3.5 hours now. I blame bad diet over the last weekend and the PSMF I did yesterday to make up for it.
  • I like Close-Stance Goblet Squats, I think I might do them for sets of 12-20 (high rep quad work is great/awful imo) with 3ct negatives and/or 3ct pauses.
  • On that, tempo work feels great. I’m going to try apply it to as many assistance exercises as possible.


Tuesday, 14th of August 2018

3x8min AMAP 60m Hill Sprints, 3 min rest between rounds

  • Round 1: 6
  • Round 2: 5
  • Round 3: 6

Felt good, didn’t get really hard until the last 2-3 for the third round. My left VMO is cramping up now though


Hey, how long did you do 5/3/1 for? I’m doing that now. I’m on week 2! It’s good.


531 was the majority of my training until about March. Over that year or so I tried the following, my favourites are in bold:

  • OG, Triumvirate
  • OG, Triumvirate, NOV
  • Pyramids
  • 5s PRO, 5x5 FSL, NOV
  • 5s PRO, 5x5 FSL, Jokers
  • Standard Full-Body template from 2nd Ed.
  • Full-Body 17 from Forever (brutal, but pretty fun. 20-rep squats and BBB)
  • Beginner Prep School (wouldn’t recommend unless you have shit conditioning/body awareness. Still pretty fun though)
  • BBS, NTW (probably my favourite, but be prepared to feel tired and very hungry)
  • My own full-body version of Supplemental-Heaven using Giant-Sets
  • Through all of that, I’ve done hard conditioning anywhere between 0 (on Full-Body 17, NTW BBS) and 7 (5s PRO, 5x5 FSL) days a week. NOV Training is pretty satisfying, but I found it needed way more time than simply conditioning on off days

I think one of the reasons my progress was still only average with 531 was that I changed templates way too often.


Wednesday, 15th of August 2018


  • Chest dynamic warm-up

Rows / Bench:

  • 20x10
  • 30x3
  • 40x5
  • 45x5
  • 52.5x5
  • 57.5x5
  • 65x5

NG Chins / Z Presses

  • 5 / 20x10
  • 5 / 25x10
  • 11 / 30x12 PR, left 1-2 in the tank

Circuit A: Triple Threats / 3010 Incline DB Press / 3110 Seal Rows

  • 4x8 / 25x2x10, 25x2x12 / 25x4x12
  • Finished with an AMRAP incline DB and Seal rows with normal tempo, got 8 / 14

Circuit B: SA DB Preacher Curl / 3030 CG Push-Ups / Band SA French Press

  • 8x3x12 / 3x5-6 / 3x8
  • Needed forced reps for the curls and french presses



Well, today with 5/3/1 Original + FSL, I joined the ranks of those who are so close to a 405 deadlift that they can smell it. Today, I hit 285 x 12, check my log in a few minutes for the video! Hammering the PR sets beyond what I even thought possible led to a whole shitton of PRs for me. I don’t even bench! I do incline bench, and I’m happy with that + standing presses, because benching wrecks my shoulders. One of the top things that the lifters told me on the 5/3/1 private forum (which is well worth it, by the way) is to STICK WITH ONE TEMPLATE. Before I heard that advice, I was a program hopper myself. But I personally enjoy 5/3/1 just because of the chance I get to set a new PR every time I train. You can easily swap out Assistance exercises (my favorite happens to be the Kroc Row, look it up), and you can customize it for you. Also, Prowler pushes have increased my pain tolerance (along with Celiac, but that’s another story). I’ve adapted quite well to the high-rep stuff + pretty brutal conditioning, considering that after the first squat workout I did (after a 2-week layoff), I couldn’t walk correctly for 4 days. I’m 20 days quit smoking, feeling stronger/faster, and am doing what I can to be NOV.


Friday, 17th of August 2018

Full disclosure, I was f*cking exhausted going into this, and even worse coming out


  • Hip-Specific Dynamic Warm-Up

Deads: ss with 10s/side SA RKC planks

  • 60x3
  • 72.5x5
  • 85x5
  • 95x5, belt on
  • 107.5x5 should have called it a day here
  • 120x3 PR, but form wasn’t as tight as it should have been and I was supposed to get 5
  • 100x3 some extra volume to make up for less reps

Front Squat: ss w hollow body rocks

  • 35x10
  • 47.5x10, belt on
  • 60x7 + 5 high bar it was dumb going for 60x12, should have done 55

Circuit: Hip Thrusts / BSS / Farmers’ Carries

  • 3x100x8 / 3xBWx8 / 3x60x40m

cooked to the point that I had to do split squats unloaded, made up for it w/ slow tempo

end me


Saturday 18th of August


  • Chest-Specific Dynamic Warm-Up

Pull-Ups / Press:

  • +0x3 / 20x3
  • +2.5x5 / 27.5x5
  • +5x5 / 32.5x5
  • +7.5x5 / 35x5
  • +10x5 / 40x5 should have cut presses there, but no
  • +12.5x5 / 45x3 + 2 Push Presses

Kroc Rows / CG Bench:

  • 20x10 / 27.5x10
  • 25x10 / 37.5x10
  • 30x25 / 47.5x12 Both PR’s

Circuit: Muscle Snatch / Chins / Standing Alternating DB Press

  • 30x4x5 / 4x5 / 4x20x10


Great work

Tbh I don’t really enjoy standard benching, but i love CG’s and inclines

Yep, ik :joy:. I’m just super ADD

Yeah I agree flexible assistance is a great asset to 531. Kroc rows are great, and I do them already. I reckon my favourite assistance is the farmers’ carry or barbell row.

Great work! I remember my week capacity shot way up on the giant sets 531 I wrote as well as 5x5 FSL, NOV

Good to have you back, mate


It’s good to be back. Great work, by the way.


Sunday 19th of August 2018
Mile run for time

Done in 7:13 without too much strain. With some practice, this can be sub 7 easy

Though it’s a dodgy measure, last year around this time I nearly passed out running an 8:40 1500m, so I see that as considerable progress


Monday 20th of August 2018
Deload: Squat and Bench


  • Hip and Chest Dynamic Warm-Up

Squats: ss with 5 standing ab wheels

  • 20x5
  • 40x3
  • 60x1
  • 70x1
  • 80x1
  • 90x1
  • 100x1

Deficit RDL’s: ss with 5x5s Half-Kneeling Pallof Presses

  • 35x10
  • 52.5x8
  • 65x6

Rows / Bench:

  • 20x5
  • 42.5x1
  • 50x1
  • 55x1
  • 62.5x1
  • 70x1

NG Chins / Z Press:

  • 5 / 20x10
  • 5 / 25x8
  • 13 / 30x6


Friday 24th of August
Deload: Press

Note: I am recording this session on Monday the 27th. About 2 hours before this session, I rolled my ankle, experience a low-grade to mild sprain. I decided that I would still train lower body, but use movements that required little ankle ROM. These movements were the Landmine Squat and the Single-Leg Landmine RDL. Doing the latter movement was a mistake. I thought doing a movement with high-stability demands would be good to rehab the ankle, but it was too early and I finished with increased pain and restricted movement that got worse over the course of the weekend.

I am getting pain-free ROM back now, but will avoid most lower-body exercises until I can get my full ankle range back, hopefully by the end of the week. Until then, I will train my lower-body with lots of GHR’s, back extensions, and single-leg bodyweight movements (as a diagnostic tool), with balance and mobility work for my ankle. I will also be avoiding any movements which place a significant stress on my ankle as part of the kinetic chain (ie press, bench press w/ leg drive, bent-over rows)

Seeing as this will more or less cut out most training, I am going to take this week to do lots of volume on lighter movements. I am considering:

MONDAY: Upper Push, Lower-Body Rehab/Prehab, Posterior Delt

  • Incline DB Press / Face Pulls / Alternating Ankle ROM and GHRs: 8x8
  • Seated DB Press / Triple Threats / Back Extensions: 3x10-15 (5-8 for Triple Threats)
  • Dips / Ankle Strength / Abs: 4 sets
  • Push-Ups / Single-Leg / Abs : 2-3 sets, absolute failure on Push-ups

WEDNESDAY: Upper Pull, Lower-Body Rehab/Prehab

  • Chest-Supported T-Bar Row / Alternating Ankle ROM and GHRs: 8x8
  • NG Chins / Back Extensions: 3x10-15
  • SA Dumbbell Row / Ankle Strength / Abs: 4 sets
  • Hammer Curls / Single-Leg / Abs: 2-3 sets

FRIDAY: Upper Push, Lower-Body Rehab/Prehab, Posterior Delt

  • Seated DB Press / Face Pulls / Alternating Ankle ROM and GHRs: 8x8
  • Incline DB Press / Triple Threats / Back Extensions: 3x10-15 (5-8 for Triple Threats)
  • Dips / Ankle Strength / Abs: 4 sets
  • Push-Ups / Single-Leg / Abs : 2-3 sets, absolute failure on Push-ups

SATURDAY: Upper Pull, Lower-Body Rehab/Prehab

  • Weighted Pull-Ups / Alternating Ankle ROM and GHRs: 8x8
  • Chest-Supported T-Bar Rows / Back Extensions: 3x10-15
  • SA Dumbbell Row / Ankle Strength / Abs: 4 sets
  • Hammer Curls / Single-Leg / Abs: 2-3 sets

Now, to what I actually did:


  • Hip and Chest Dynamic Warm-Up

Giant-Set A:
Pull-Up / Press / Landmine Squat / SA RKC Plank

  • +0x3 / 20x3 / 20x10 / 10s each side
  • +5x1 / 27.5x1 / 40x10 / 10s each side
  • +7.5x1 / 32.5x1 / 40x10 / 10s each side
    • 10x1 / 35x1 / 40x10 / 10s each side
  • +12.5x1 / 40x1 / 40x10 / 10s each side
    • 17.5x1 PR / 45x1 / 40x10 / 10s each side

Ankle feeling pretty good

Giant-Set B:
SA DB Row / Landmine SLRDL / Hollow-Rocks / CG Bench

  • 20x10 / 30x10 / some / 27.5x10
  • 25x8 / 30x10 / some / 37.5x8
  • 30x6 / 30x10 / some / 47.5x6 Easy PR

Ankle feeling pretty not-good. That’s how you learn, I guess


Low-key starstruck


Monday 28th of August
Upper Push


  • Hip and Chest dynamic warm-up

Giant Set A:
Face Pull / Incline DB Press / one-foot balance / GHR’s

  • 30x8x8 / 35x6x8, 25x2x8 / 4x60s / 4x8

Giant Set B:
Triple Threats / Seated DB Press / Back Extensions

  • 3x6 / 25x3x10 / 3x10

Giant Set C:
Dips / Standing Ab Wheels / 4x 5 donkey calf raises + 5s calf stretch

  • 4x6 / 4x5 / 4x4x5+5

Superset D:

  • Pushups: 15, 8, 6
  • Goblet Squats: 20x10, 30x2x10


Haven’t logged this week because training has been dodgy. Only other session I’ve done was a Pull workout on thursday.

Ankle is feeling good, so I should really do a mile run as it’s Sunday but I well and truly cannot be arsed. Not much sleep since like two weeks ago, and lots of studying going into exams next week.

Yay me

I did have the most amazing brekky with dad for father’s day though. Eggs, snags, baked beans, bacon, sourdough and then this chocolate orange cakey thing that was awesome


Monday 3rd of September
Squats: 3’s Wave, Week 1

Far out I hate not squatting


  • 2x20 TKE’s
  • Ankle mobility
  • Hip Dynamic Warm-Up

Squats: 3 standing ab wheels after every set

  • 20x lots
  • 40x some
  • 57.5x3
  • 67.5x3
  • 75x3
  • 85x3 belt on
  • 95x3

Squats felt a tad mis-grooved, probably because of the week off

Deficit RDLs: 5x5s Kneeling Palloff Presses after every set

  • 42.5x8
  • 55x8
  • 70x13 with loose belt

Circuit: Goblet Squats / GHR’s / Farmers’ Carries

  • 40x3x15 / 3x12 / 60x3x40m


Tuesday 4th of September
Bench: 3’s Wave, Week 1


  • Hip and Chest Dynamic Warm-Up
  • Some band pull-aparts waiting for a bench to open up

Rows / Bench:

  • 20x2x lots
  • 40x3
  • 45x3
  • 52.5x3
  • 60x3
  • 65x3

NG Chins / Z-Press:

  • 6 / 20x8
  • 6 / 27.5x8
  • 11 / 35x8

Circuit A: Triple Threats / Incline DB Press / Seal Rows

  • 3x6-10 / 35x3x8 / 35x3x12

Circuit B: SA Preacher Curl / CG Push-Ups / SA Band French Press

  • 7x3x12 / 3x6-11 / 2x10, 1x10 negative only


I love it when my delts make an appearance