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The Most Impressive Bodybuilder

Over the last 50 years, I’ve seen just about all the great bodybuilders in person in their prime condition – men like Sergio Oliva, Larry Scott, and Dorian Yates.

Guess who impressed me the most? It was not one of the above?

Can you give us a clue? I would take a chance with Flex Wheeler, Casey Viator or Lee Haney

No clues just yet, but it’s not Viator, Wheeler, or Haney.

I will say that the most impressive bodybuilder I’ve seen dressed in a suit was Ronnie Coleman. He was awesome in his appearance.

The Quadfather, Tom Platz? Them some awesome legs.

It’s not Platz. He certainly had the best legs I’ve ever seen.

I’d naturally think Ronnie Coleman or Lee Haney?

No, it’s not Coleman or Haney.

Frank Zane…Bob Paris

I saw Kai Greene in person and he was scary but I am going to go with Kevin Levrone.

Dexter Jackson or Serge Nubret or Oliva?

It wasn’t Zane, Paris, Greene, Levrone, Jackson, Nubret, or Oliva.

There’s a clue coming soon.

Was it me?

Ed Corney?

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My hunch would be Danny Padilla

Matt Mendenhall
Rich Gaspari

No for Gaspari, Mendenhall, Padilla, and Corney.

Here’s a clue: I used him on the cover of one of my bodybuilding books. Who is he?


Eddie Robinson?

Keith Whitley?

Bertil Fox

Paul Dillet