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The Most Important Question ...


... to 10 year old girls:

Britney Spears vs. Lady Gaga



When I was younger I liked Britner Spears and I even bought one of her albums.

There, I said it.

I think it was the "Oops I did it again" one.


Sorry, I was too busy being hypnotized by this video:


I fucking hate Gaga, but thought this video was hilarious/catchy, and she looks really good in it, too.


Madonna was hot when I was in my teens. I would still smash it.


I'd take a young Britney any day.

I'd take her now too really.



I have no idea about either as far as music goes. I don't know any of their songs (though I do know they're pop stars).

However, I recently saw a clip of Lady Gaga singing a blues at her piano (just her and the piano, no band), and I was more than impressed.



Britney Spears....DUH


Hell yeah! Barry White gets regular rotation play in my iTunes library!



Sho Nuff


can't seem to find any GaGa or britney in an 8-track.

so, I have no idea.


Britney is getting better, while Gaga is getting worse...


the most important question is "Why was this thread even made?"


The world may never know.

What commercial was that?


Watch that Ciara video I posted (sound on or off, doesn't matter.)

You will not regret stopping in.


when i was in i think 4th grade my mom got my sister britney spears tickets for xmas, well she had nothing to do with me and got me one too. It was my first introduction into softcore porn, it was a fucking strip tease and i loved it. My mom kept telling me to look away haha. So for that i thank you britney spears and will forever hold a spot in my heart for you.


Because this is, like, the most.important.question.EVAR!


Yes, that's Lady Gaga
Yes, that dress is made of meat.