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The Most Important Part of LEAN Bulking


This is rubbish. Don’t believe everything you read.

You have the right idea but let’s put this in context.

  1. What you perceive to be maximal effort on your part may not be the effort you are fully capable of producing. This comes with experience and training with, and watching bigger and stronger guys train.

  2. You should normally be able to increase the weight when the muscles get bigger. If the weight isn’t increasing, then it’s either a problem with point 1 or your diet.


A spotter is there to make sure you don’t injure yourself, not to help you lift the weight. They shouldn’t need to be touching the bar at any point in the set for a 1 plate bench.


So if I’m eating enough(for a lean bulk) then eventually the weight I’m struggling at hell with will be easier to lift? And if so how long does it take?


I thought so too but one time this guy said he wanted me to do a thing called negatives and so he lifted it up when I tried to control it down


Possibly, probably. Do you know who posted it originally?


Probably a link to a hamster model.




Did a quick read of all the replies but I don’t think someone’s mentioned anything about form/technique. Might be a technique issue perhaps? Posting a video of you benching would be nice.


It was posted by @manuelp2

Here is the thread:

(S)he had sent me some link to a PDF about sleep. Was gonna post it and show it to @guineapig . It’s not a huge deal now, just wondered where it had gone.

EDIT: I see now the account says “deactivated”


His technique is definitely not good. That I can guarantee. But that’s not what’s stopping him from benching more than 135 lbs. It’s that he’s incredibly weak. Honestly, I’d second jshaving here and say 5/3/1. This kid is definitely working up to a max every chest workout. He’s also training 7 days a week with an absolutely ridiculous routine.