The Most Important Interview America Needs to Know

Ideological warfare is nothing new, nor is maintaining a flimsy pretense that ideological warfare isn’t taking place.

In one of history’s great long-term misses, the Empire of Germany (Second Reich, for anyone keeping count), deployed an ideological weapon during WWI named Vladimir Lenin with the objective of destabilizing the Russian Empire.

It worked.

It worked so well that they got slaughtered a few short decades later by Soviets who were generously kept afloat by American industrial might until American military might sealed the deal up for good.

What did this seer predict about the USSR?

That’s a good question

This is about now. The videos are longish I get that, but what he says is very eye opening. The gist is that the Soviet Union spent a ton of capital and resources attracting journalists and achademic to seduce them to bad ideas to sow discord in the US. They started heavily in the 1950’s and they predicted about 4 generations for the rot to fully engulf the U.S. and as if on cue, here we are. He goes in detail on how they did it. And the results are exactly what he said they would be.

The ‘communism’ is now, not what was. It’s not communism per se. It’s subversion. Sowing bad ideas into the society to those most willing to accept it and give it life and they in turn, turn it on society as a whole.
This isn’t able communism past, this isn’t about communism at all. This is about the Soviet Union planting the seeds through subversion of our institutions to bring us to our knees and create fighting and discontent. It worked like a charm, here we are, in clown world, brought to us by the former Soviet Union.

That’s what this thread is about. The origions of clown world and the absolutely mind boggling stupidity of the left as it mixes with power.

It was his baby. This was his program. What’s happening now was deliberate.

What does this even mean?

I would like to keep this about the topics in the videos at least watch the 13 minute one… The hour one, is truly jaw dropping.

Right. I saw these videos years ago.

We can also thank the Frankfurt School that fled Germany and went to Columbia University in the 1930’s.

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Uh, what? What candidate is doing that? Aside from biden who if you didn’t vote for, you weren’t black. And he promised truanabidadabadpressure and badacth care and has not delivered.
But he didn’t want to limit rights of minorities, he want’s to limit everybodies rights. Still, nothing to do with the subversion program of the Soviet Union.

People have been asking for a while now, where did all this wokness and and DIE culture and social constructivism come from? Well, if Yuri is right, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, it came from the former Soviet Union as a deliberate attempt to subvert the US culture. And it seems their propaganda worked so well, we have adherents to it right here.
People who believe ‘right’ is wrong and ‘wrong’ is right, that good and evil are reversed or don’t even exist. That was the program and it’s source was the KGB, unless this guy is a bullshitter, who just happened to know exactly how the US would end up corrupted in 1985, if we didn’t push back against leftist ideology then.
Now it’s a much heavier lift, because if the U.S. falls, there is no where else to run to. There is no where to escape to.

I’m just trying to understand what I should take from the video.

In the video, Yuri says the plan is spread commie ideas, kill patriotism and “Demoralize” the people of the US. So I’m asking, if you think that the US is all to hell and “a failed state,” have you already been Demoralized?

Later in the video Yuri said that in a Demoralized, collapsing Nation that the rights of minorities would be stripped away, normal international relations and cooperation would be halted and that government bad policy would negatively effect the economy. If I believe Yuri, and I want to follow his advices I should Not vote for somebody who is into those policies. Right?

Besides being afraid and not trusting the younger generation of Americans, what can I do with Yuri’s information?


That’s not my job that’s yours. I am not out to tell you what to think, I am disseminating information. Valuable information.

Not yet, but if we continue down the path of economic disaster, with inflation at an all time high, supply chain issues and idiotic mandates preventing the people who do the most essential work from doing their work, etc., etc., it will fail. The USSR failed because of the economy. Our economy is fragile and we have way too many politicians kicking it in the gut over and over again. And if that continues, we will fail. Our institutions are starting to crumble as distrust is at an all time high. Without trust, you have no government. You just have people in suits talking into the wind.

Sounds like you were only half listening or your trying to bend it to your will take things out of context and try to imply that there are presidential candidates in the modern age who want to willfully trample the rights of minorities. And beyond that, making some bizarre implication that if a candidate is not extremely concerned with minority rights, being that most of the heavy lifting has already been done, that is somehow anti-minority. I see though the bullshit. Blah, Blah, Trump, Blah. Why don’t you just say his name instead of describing a clownish impersonation delivered to you by the reliable sources at CNN?
The point is that the very pillars on which authoritarians, using minority rights, gay rights, invisible people rights, and othering regular people into ‘enemies of the state’. When the authoritarians gain control, they have often turned on the very people who got them there.

You can believe Yuri or don’t believe him. That is up to you. I don’t tell other people what to think. And I see how somehow your trying to justify voting for the very leftists that are steering us into this mess. And how is that biden vote working out??
Perhaps you are hostile to him because he’s describing something equivalent to someone you know, say ‘a friend of yours’ who might be in the camp of falling for the delusion? Someone who falls for dogmatism and bumper sticker sloganeering over facts, data and truth?

Do what? I don’t have a problem with the younger generation… Hell, the boomers are the ones who brought this garbage into our lives in the first place.

It’s a little funny that you are trying to twist this into some justification for far-leftism and maintaining the very thing that is tearing the west apart.
"Uh, so that means I should vote for people who are for leftist policies because they are against the misuse of minorities for political gain, right?’ Durrrrr. Sure bud, you can vote anyway you want. And you can think any thing you want to think. What you cannot do is pretend truth, facts and reality do not exist, or twist foundational truths to fit a far-leftist ideology. You cannot force other people to lie with you or for you, you can lie all you want to yourself.

Just wait until they throw Hillary Clintons hat back in the ring…


Uh, I hope not! I am left of center, but I would still vote for a R candidate like a McCain. Just because I don’t think he was all that corrupt, and seemed to be doing what he thought was best for the country.


Watch it be Hillary vs Romney or some god aweful combo like that

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The best the democrats have to offer is Tulsi Gabbard


Have been waiting for her to start wearing a red hat for a while now…

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She was the only one who railed against the insanity of the current dem’s, she was a DINO, or at least an old school moderate democrat, who was open to bipartisanship. There is hardly a bigger critic of the current Democrats than her. I don’t see her putting on a red hat anytime, she believes too much in the constitution, and the traditional idea of America.
Genuinely curious as to why you think she would put on the red hat?

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She isn’t even remotely ‘liberal’ based on today’s definition of liberalism. I believe her voting preferences align much moreso with the repubs than the dems of today.

The centrist lefties from 30 years ago would be lobbying for policies identical to today’s republicans. In this sense, I find her to be more red than blue due to todays backwards ass politics.

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Crazy when the left wingers of 20 years ago, are now seen as the far right of today.
Happened over here in Australia too :upside_down_face:


Yup… People are calling Joe Rogan “Far-right podcaster Joe Rogan…” Even some people have accused bill maher of being ‘right wing’ which he is the furthest thing from. We are clown world… It will end one day, I am not worried about that. Just how long will it take and how bad will it get before it finally goes the way of the dodo.
If anybody over delivered it was the USSR. They seeded the US with far-leftist ideology starting in the 50’s and now we’re crushing under it’s weight.

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Boy did the DNC fuck that up. They are pushing her into the open arms of conservatives. Instead they foisted this husk of an old man who can barely read his teleprompter and cannot muster an original thought except for ‘Comon’ man’.


In the current day if a man is an ordinary schlep who attends work, cares for his family, is mentally healthy, attends church, has no vices, and has no bizarre political ideology, he is “right wing”, or worse, might be “associated with the alt-right”.

He might be a “conspiracy theorist”, which is now applied to someone who doesn’t believe something happened or engages in historical revisionism.

He also might be “part of a cult”.

Even some conservative non-whites can now be white soup-creamists.