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The Most Important Interview America Needs to Know

This interview is from 1985. It’s former KBG agent and American defector Yuri Bezmenov. What he says is so on the nose it’s frightening. And this happened in 1985. It is like the Soviet Union is getting the last laugh from the grave.
This is a 13 minute snippet from the interview:

This is the full 1:30 interview:

I come in peace. I am putting this hear to watch if you want and you can make up your own mind regarding what he says. I am rendering no opinion other than it’s probably the most important interview of the last 50 years.


Yep its the Commie game plan laid out by someone who was tasked with enacting it. Still, a lot of people dismiss it from their consciousness, and swallow the subversion whole.

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Yep. Those that know, know. Those that don’t will refuse to accept reality. The United States is a failed state at this point.


“Reality?” Sounds racist or something…