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The Most Emasculate Music?


There are a ton of really pussy music arists these days... Ryan Canberra, James Blunt, and Jack Johnson top my list. You could make a case for John Mayor but he supposedly has artistic merit so I'll leave that one up to personal discretion. The estrogen is even seeping over into the rap genere.


The band Hinder, "Eyes of Angel" and some other whiney ass song of theirs. Everytime I hear those songs coming on I can feel my balls start to shrivel like I'm standing naked outside in a 40 below ice storm. Needless to say I quickly hit the CD button to get the blood flowing again with something hard and heavy.


I've never heard of any of these people.

I guess I listen to NPR and my iPod too much to be "in the know" on the current music scene.


Sorry man, I happen to like Jack Johnson, but then a surfer buddy of mine got me into him by playing it on a stereo while we were all sitting on a beach in Wales, so it kinda has good memories associated with it.


Tiny Tim


Bright Eyes, Postal Service, Ani Difranco (is it emasculate if its a chick?)


I'm the same way. There's a few Jack Johnson tracks I like.


Mainstream- top 40 music has always been dominated by pussy music. The first albums by the Beatles all they did was whine about how some bitch left them. To make up for it, they usually had a good beat, and Ringo was a pretty badass drummer.


Are you sure Ani's a chick?


I've heard that third world countries are now using Maroon Five albums as a form of male birth control.


I don't even know what that crap is but I will be sure to avoid it.


Ditto. Thank God for MP3 players!


I'm with you, Jack's feel good music.


yea i dont know any of that shit either. most of my music consists of hip-hop, dancehall-reggae and reggaeton


What are you trying to say, Lixy? I'm aware the goddess is a more appropriate term, but I was in a hurry.


snow patrol, scouting for girls, hellogoodbye, theres just too many to list these days


I don't know what emasculate music is.

I like what I like. I don't like what I don't like.

Isn't the entire point of music that it has the power to make us feel ways in which we normally may not? What's wrong with effeminate feelings if that's the way one wants to feel at a particular time?

"Pussy music artists"? Are you just jealous because they get more pussy than you?


The purpose of music is to fucking rock.


and fucking roll, out of control.


To you, maybe. That purpose may differ for others. Now I know that it's fun for Pantera or Lynyrd Skynyrd fans to make fun of guys who enjoy The Shins or Sarah Mclachlan - calling them sissies and other derogatory names - but we're generally among adults here.

Smacking an art form or labeling it as "pussy music" is not something a T-man does. Doesn't mean you have to enjoy Damien Rice, but claiming to know "the purpose of music" is plain wrong in my book.

Unless, you were being sarcastic, in which case. disregard my post.