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the most disgusting question ever asked!

i am just gonna warn you guys that this may be the most disgusting question ever asked on this forum. so if you don’t want to get sick, or waste your time by fucking around, don’t answer it. i just watched paul cheks flatten your abs forever video and in it he talks about how you can judge your health levels by the “quality” of your fecal material. i don’t know if anybody here has seen this video, but compared to the “poopy policeman” i am way off. i brought this up to my doctor and she said that she will refer me to a gastrointerologist. however, i want to know if anybody on this forum has any experience with this video or the aforementioned subject matter.
now it’s gets really gross, in my poop, i see chunks of the food that i just ate. sometimes my poop is orangish and loose, with chunks of food in it, and other times it’s just really shredded looking. the other day i made john berardi’s blueberry oatmeal and i could see chunks of smashed blueberry floating around in my poop a few hours later. any ideas would be appreciated as to what i can do.

He’s right. Your shitting should be healthy. As far as what healthy is, you shouldn’t be seeing anything recognizeable in it. You shouldn’t have colon blow on a daily basis. If you are launching juiced up chunks intermixed with gas your digestion needs some help. Orange-colored shit isn’t a good indicator. It should be light to dark brown and should be relatively uniform. If you are having colon blow normally you are fucking up your digestion with something. This could be excessive alcohol or some kind of bad reaction to something acidic (like jalapenos). If you are floating air buiscuits all morning you need to lay off the beans or caulliflower. If there is a burning sensation after shitting you need to nix the chili from the diet.

Aside from simply responding to this helarious post, you really should fix your digestion. Perhaps stick to fruits and veggies for a week or so and get some yogurt in your diet.

If I have a beer binge my digestion will be fucked up for a day or two. I normally just eat some fruit and drink lots of water. If I have anything acidic during this time frame like jalapenos I’ll be blasting the bottom of the commode within hours. Jalapenos are just as hot coming out as they are going in. You want to avoid this.

I would say that overall your shitting would improve if you add some fiber to your diet. Initially you can just have fruits and veggies for a couple of days and avoid the jarred jalapenos as you will be destroying the bathroom in short order.

That was so fun I almost want to do it again!

Go get a colonic. If you want information on feces, the people who do those really know their shit.

Literally and figuratively.

I see corn!

why do you people look at your shit?

p-dog, seeing that tape made me curious because of the association to health that paul chek made, outside of that, i am not really into scat.

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I went to a conference last year where Chek was one of the speakers. The particular topic he was speaking on was nutrition. He spent probably 15 minutes talking about the poop. What it should look like, how much should come out, color, consistency, etc…I think overall he had some points about the stuff we put into our bodies and what it does once it gets in there, however, he does get pretty out there with some of his beliefs.

If you guys can get past the “toilet humor” this is an excellent topic for discussion.

I am a firm believer in good stool quality. I can notice how changes in my diet create different kinds of stools.

Generally, your stool should be firm and easy to come out.

If you’re shooting water out your ass there is a problem. Conversely, if your are shitting bricks that you have to squeeze out for 10 minutes there is a problem.

One of the first things I noticed once I cleaned my diet up years ago was that I was no longer on the toilet for hours at time just sitting there.

Now it’s real quick, and not messy.

If I go into a public restroom and I hear a guy in the stall next to me and it sounds like he’s pissing a river except he’s sitting down, I know his diet is extremely poor.

Look at a baby’s stool. Due to the high liquid nature of their diets they have very bad soft stools (no fiber).

The main reason why this is so important is because stool quality is determined mainly by fiber intake and the amount of fat in your diet. We all know how extremely important fiber is. Also, I noticed if I overload on bullshit carbs like sugar, etc. it messes me up as well. Too much bad fats mess me up as well.

If you don’t want to be shitting in a bag when you’re 50 pay attention to this stuff. Just how you may use the color of your urine to gauge hydration levels you can use this to gauge your overall diet.

I once read, you should have your bowel movement multiple times per day at the same times each day (obviously not that precisem but you get the picture). It should not be difficult to go the bathtroom. If it is, there is something wrong.

The point is this stuff is very important so don’t overlook it. I’m not shitting you…

I haven’t seen the paul chek video but i have read a substantial amount on stool as related to digestion and it is a crucial indicator of your colon health. In additon to whats been written i can tell you that if your stool is sticky it likely has to do with a high sugar intake. Stool that is smaller, too firm, or almost pellet like can indicate a severe lack of fibre. (as a sidenote beets are one of the best sources of fibre i have ever tried to clean me out.if you try it to don’t worry you aren’t bleeding its just the beet juice staining your stool.)while its natural for feces to stink the odor should not be rancid or smell like your rotting fronm the inside out. such stools usually indicate you are quite have bee n holding waste in for a long time or ate something that doesn’t react well with your body, in which case it has started rotting/ fermenting in your stomach. there are several other interesting indicators for nutritional feedback i just can’t remember them all now.

I was in a health food store the other day and started looking at these body cleansing products. Does anyone have any facts on the actual effectiveness/“healthfullness” of products that cleanse bowell/parasite/liver.
Man if I’m carrying around a bunch of junk I don’t need I’d rather just get rid of it if you catch my drift.

I saw a naturopath once, and he told me that if my floats, its not a good sign, it has to sink all the way to the bottom…

Just my two cents…

thanks for all the serious replies and help guys. since i don’t want to be shitting into a bag when i am 50, i am gonna take this topic seriously and per the advice of a fellow poster, i went to a web site and purchased a 30 day program to clean my pipes. it cost me $60 and i will update to let you guys know if it makes me and my situation any better.
the site i went to is

everyone is always talking shit

Since no one else has said it: To quote Billy Madison, “He called the shit poop!”

A couple of supplements that I began using for digestive aid that have helped are Primal Defense by Garden of Life and Similase digestive enzymes by Tyler. They aren’t cheap but worth it. Digestion is the cornerstone of good health. Without it, you will never reach your strength/physique goals. Remember, as you age (past 25) your body produces less and less enzymes which break down foods into nutrients that your body needs.