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The Most Complete Strength Athlete in History?


I'm going for Mikhail Koklyaev. National Russian Olympic Weightlifting champion, 2,149 raw powerlifting total and top strongman. I cannot think of another persone who could put up his numbers in all three diciples. Although his physique is not as pleasing as some others, he has a great attitude and if form is killer. Some vids..

858 raw deadlift for 3

440 push press for 3

530 back jerk

790 raw squat deeeeeep

484 raw bench (keep in mind he does not train bench)

340 clean and press for 5 reps

compilation video, 528 clean/jerk, 570x3 front squat

Can anyone think of somebody else with great numbers in all three sports?



Fuck me, that DL was double-overhand too (hook grip I think).


Do not forget his 210 kg snatch... very few men are capable of snatching over 200 in the wolrd, but anything over 210 ensures your place in the hall of manbeasts.


I like the swarm of 150 pound spotters on those squat videos. I wonder how many would have died if he'd bailed on one of those attempts.


Koklyaev is a monster and an awesome guy, but my favorite is still Kaz.


I thought immediately of the wonder of nature. I found this info on Paul Anderson on another website:


Bench: 627 pounds
Squat: 1206 pounds
Deadlift: 820 pounds, he pulled a massive 1000 pounds using metal hooks attached to his wrists. This assisted deadlift was witnessed by Tommy Kono
Clean and Jerk: 480 pounds, unofficial
Push Press: 600 pounds, witnessed by Bob Hise

One Arm Press: 380 pounds, 300 pounds for ten reps; this 380 pound lift was the greatest lift ever lifted overhead with one arm; both were witnessed by Paul Magistratte

Backlift: 6270 pounds, witnessed by Kara Whitfield and Maurice Payne, included in the Guinness Book of World Records

I'm sure he was bull-strong but 1206?!? That doesn't seem possible...


I honestly don't know that much about Paul. It just seems to me that whenever his name is brought up so much controversy follows. I mean a 1200lb raw squat is not even something that anyone could come close to touching, maybe 1/4 squat? I know he did a lot of backlift stuff.

I forgot about the snatch, I knew it was huge but didn't see the video when I was looking.

Kaz was a monster yes, and probably statically stronger than Misha, but I don't think Kaz had his technique and explosiveness. Not many could match his intensity however, I love watching that guy before a lift.



Koklyaev is so beastly strong that he doesn't even bother with mixed grip on his deadlifts. But far more importantly, he also plays the accordion:



530 back jerk

790 raw squat deeeeeep

484 raw bench (keep in mind he does not train bench)

340 clean and press for 5 reps

compilation video, 528 clean/jerk, 570x3 front squat

Can anyone think of somebody else with great numbers in all three sports?




I'm going to throw out both Mariusz and Magnus Samuelsson simply for arguments sake--Mariusz because if there's another 140 kg man with that kind of athleticism and conditioning, I don't know who it is. He's also the most single dominant strongman in the world. He's not the strongest statically (probably Zydrunas), but his will to win and his utter dominance over the other top strongmen is surely enough to put his name up there. Most of all though, he--to me--is the most all-around athletic strength athlete in the world today.

Magnus is up there because of his longevity. He's been in the WSM finals what, like 15 years in a row??? He hasn't ben dominant, but even now at his advanced age and with all his injuries, he is STILL at the top of the class. That, if nothing else, is worthy of a legacy.


I'm slow today and don't feel like working if anyone hadn't noticed...

Both are good arguments. Magnus is one of my favorites, I remember watching him when I was little. It's possible in him prime he would have beaten Misha in strongman, but not the other two. Overheads and deadlifts are both "weak" points for Magnus.

Pudz is another ball of wax. Hands down, I'd say he's a better strongman than Misha and probably more athletic. I've never really seen Mariusz do much for oly stuff, however from what I have seen on his clean/press with the axle, he would probably do well. Hard to knock the 5 time champ.

Big Z is another possible argument, but I think his lack of athleticism knocks him out. He has beaten Misha numerous times so take that for what it's worth.





I know he was before the age of youtube but most of that stuff reeks of bullshit.

No one can lift that and today's guys are better equipped, better fed, and more juiced than ever.

I'm sure he was strong but his stats have always seemed vastly overblown.



Weightlifting and powerlifting supertotals. Kind of old and supposedly mixes equipped and raw results but it's interesting.


Yeah I know what you mean. However, knowing the character of Paul Anderson and the kind of person he was (by all accounts), and his very strong religious convictions, I do not think he is the kind of person to lie on purpose. As he stated a number of times, integrity was his most prized quality. Perhaps things were blown out of proportion after he died, which I would certainly believe.

On the other hand, I believe the lifts Hise and Kono witnessed because I believe the witnesses are themselves reliable people and well respected. I believe the bench press number too--if you accept his push press, then a 600+ bench puts you in a better mechanical position to get more from your lats, and besides Anderson was a very...large...man, so ROM would be shortened very significantly. The backlift is factually true, there is a picture of it and it's a Guinness record, but it only moved about 1".

The squat I want to believe, but it's just too far out there. Supposedly he did this in front of about 20 International Olympic lifters. I dunno where I heard that and I don't think I can back that up. Besides 1200 is an unholy number in the first place.


The Internet claims that Hise and Kono witnessed these lifts. Did they ever come forward and say they did? Heck, the Wikipedia page still says he squatted 1206x2.

The backlift also may or may not have been accurate. Guinness never showed up, and no one weighed the equipment! If you are interested, check the ironhistory forums for more information. Some people there take their lifting history way too seriously.

I agree Koklyaev is the best all-around strength guy. I think he even competed in some Highland games.


Saw the links when I got home last night from the office. THis guy is the real deal! He seems like a funny guy too!

I'd mention Brian Siders who I once saw speak. 2600 total in USAPL competition. I know he did some strongman stuff to but don't know enough to say how he compares to other top guys. This fellow's raw squat is I believe close to Siders if not slightly higher, and his deadlift is higher.
It would be interesting if he devoted himself to powerlifting what he might hit.


re: Paul Anderson

I have a book by Marty Gallagher in which the author states he witnessed Paul squat 900 for 5 reps in an exhibition. Honestly I have no trouble believing a 900+ unequipped squat from Paul- his massive stomach and short, 36-inch thighs give him unreal leverage for squatting.

1200 is stretching it. Consider though that this was before powerlifting was a sport with set rules and judges. Maybe he did lift this weight but it would be considered 4 inches high today. I'm only thinking out loud though. I wasn't there.

I don't do olympic lifting and don't know enough to comment on his other lifts.


I'm not as knowledgeable about strength sports as the other posters here so I'm not going to weigh in on the debate, but I figured this was an appropriate thread for a video as badass a this Kazmier vid:


Bill Kazmaier.