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The Most Athletic Sport On The Planet


Bad ass shit right here.


Wow, that really is incredible.

Too bad everybody who is good at that sport in the entire world is in that video


I'm honestly surprised some of the volleys went on as long as they did. As far as it being the most athletic sport on the planet? False. The sport requiring the most hand/foot - eye coordination? True


But...........athleticism IS coordination between the CNS and the moving parts it controls.


It's a fun game to watch and I can imagine to play also. When I went scuba diving in indonesia, the locals on the island used to play this game, and some of the Scuba guys also got involved and became very good at it. I was shit when I tried though because I've never played much football.


Raise the net, lets see how much fun it is then.


hackey sack on steroids


I still say it is the most athletic sport on the planet. The most common way to score is a bicycle kick, I mean comeon!


I think the most athletic sport needs strength, endurance, good cardio, hand/eye/foot coordination, speed, accuracy etc etc etc. Most sports lack one or the other.

I thought GSP was the most athletic person until I seen a ultimate figheter where he had to hit baseballs for money. He was terrible at it so I wouldn't say he's the most athletic person and or sport that being said I wouldn't say baseball is the most athletic sport either.


I thought this was going to be a link to the world cup thread..