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The Morris Method


The Morris Method is concepts of preparing for a streetfight developed by a former streetfighter & martial artist Steve Morris.
With over 2000 streetfights and 50 years of training experience,Steve Morris developed methods for developing real world fighting abilities.


You know I have a little experience in martial arts and I must say that as far as their applications go to street fights its extremely limited. We live in an age where if its a real street fight the person will usually use a weapon, at that point your ass should be running. If its just a quarrel between drunken idiots or some punk kids the stronger/bigger person will easily win and having 20-40 lbs of muscle on some drunk trying to fight you is a much bigger advantage (in my opinion) then knowing some street fight technique (they have weight classes in every martial art for a reason).

As a sport martial arts are great, in a street fight well I am still waiting to be convinced that it gives you this huge advantage.


About getting in rhythm & breaking rhythm


emergency mindset


Hit as hard and fast as you can until the other guy's out of commission.

Fucking groundbreaking.

Please stop starting threads.


There is much more to streetfight than muscle mass and technique.Mindset,aggression level,athleticism,experience,etc.


a bit rich coming from a 10 000+posts internet-warrior...




Steve Morris on nutrition


on fighting bigger fighters


on fighting taller fighters



As opposed to the guy who starts multiple threads every fucking year about being a BOUNCER?

Jesus, it's a good troll job, but you're fuckin nuts. At least make it funny.

The videos aren't bad but they're basic boxing/MMA techniques. You'll be hard pressed to find a regular poster here who hasn't heard of or suggested things like broken rythym or learning distance.


Respect! You are the stronger on internet! :)))


While 40 streetfights per annum is quite possible, it speaks volumes about his character, and not in a positive way.

Secondly, it doesn't make him a good coach.

The vid was so-so, btw.

These "apeshit-bursts" are an old concept of dozens of other self defense gurus, and are of limited use.
Nothing wrong to drill it once. But this cannot be a cornerstone of a whole method.

To cut the chase:
In an "enemy prepared" situation, it doesn't work good, quite the contrary, and it's very uneconomical.
Against chumps and "enemy unaware" situations, it works, but why should I do this? Quick boxing hands have already a very good chance of finishing an opponent who's caught flat-footed. It also doesn't work when there's a moving target. You basically teach someone to shut down his brain temporarily. Great for spatial awareness, balance, endurance, damage control and other vital aspects of streetfighting.

If someone's so desperate to be lethal in fight, a knife or brass knucks would do the job.

But then it's just one vid and he may be very legit, while you are just a troll, Balbos.

edit: have to check his other vids out


I was thinking along the same lines. Something is fucking wrong if you've been in 2000 streetfights. And just from my perspective,if someone had been in that many "streetfights" I envision them being in a wheelchair,missing an eye,limbs,etc. if they were still alive.


this guy approves: http://weblogs.cltv.com/entertainment/tv/metromix/zack_morris4.jpg


another example of the Morris method




I can't watch videos I work...I assume this shits lame though.

The OP probably has never even been in a streetfight....unless he was playing as Ryu.


so I guess all the other strength forums got old,wow.

and your pimping a dude with 2000 street fights- and no gun play,
who never just got shot? Litle too much bullshido thanks.

Normally I would ask what Irish or Big boss had for lunch, when threads this lame occur
I had sushi, thanks for asking
but insteas Ill leave post a brazillian ass pic to kee this thread worth a shit.


I don't even have to be a regular... -_-

EDIT: From what I could see of those videos, Geoff Thompson would get my money any day, not that loony. 2000 street fights, jeez, to beat 2000 guys, half of them was probably talking to someone else and he snuck up and clobbered them from behind, 500 of them he and friends outnumbered the opponent, 400 he had a weapon and 100 was against unskilled, unexperienced, untrained freshmen in college of a whopping 115 pounds of skinny-fat bastard.

Pure guesswork of course, but that's the way I see it, after what I've seen in the streets around here, and I live in fucking Norway. I'd imagine it'd be 10x worse anywhere else.


OK,Just watch the videos.
Mr.Morris was born in 1943.
Look at 60+ man moving and hitting the bag.
Observe intensity,power & speed.




never had a streetfight??!! :)))))))