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The Morning Commute

I just started a new job and the commute is killing me. Its an hour there and an hour back, sometimes an hour and a half if the traffic is bad. I have to wake up at 5:30 am, and i am drained at the end of the day. I was just wondering how long do some of you guys drive to and from work, and do you mind it.

Zero. I did commute to NYC for a while…2 plus hours each way. I soon quit. The longest commute after that was 30 minutes. Life is too short to spend it commuting.

right now I have about a half hour drive each way. I just rented a new apartment and once I move in it’ll be more like 40-45 minutes each way. I don’t mind either drive at all. I’m in the process of interviewing for a new position up in Boston which will be an hour and 15 or so each way, but it’ll be all on the train so I can read, watch a movie on my computer, whatever, I’m not thrilled about it, but it should be a lot more money and I can deal with the commute if necessary.


Twenty minutes…I wouldn’t do longer than that. I don’t know how you guys do it that drive for two hours…what a waste of your life.

I take the tube 1? hours to work one way, but I’m moving closer in the next couple months hopefully.

One of the reasons I have no time to get to the gym anymore…thats what I get for moving to a new country.

I do my best thinking in my car. What kills me is being in heavy traffic. I drive an hour with no traffic. No problem.

With books on tape you can totally self improve in the car.

Learn a new language. Pimlsuer has great programs. The commute is one of those things that you can make the best out of it or hate it. It’s all in your head.

I wouldn’t mind the commute as much if I got paid more, but it just sucks bad. This is my first job after college, so it wouldn’t really be great on the resume if I quit, so I am going to try to stick it out for a year and then look for something closer.

My friend buys books on tape for his long drives, I might try it.

I do an hour drive to work and back each day, and to be honest, I don’t mind it. I get through two cd albums a day and the drive home is a nice way to unwind before I get changed and get straight to the gym.

Although I will admit that I get paid the minute I leave my house, until I get in the door, and have a company car, so that sweetens the deal a bit. I’m sure it would suck if it was in my time, wearing out my tyres.

[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
Twenty minutes…I wouldn’t do longer than that. I don’t know how you guys do it that drive for two hours…what a waste of your life.[/quote]

I would move. Honestly. The biggest advantage I currently have is living where the gym is in walking distance and it takes me 10-12 min to get to work. If I can help it, I will do my best in the future to keep the ride to work under 45min.

As far as waking up at 5:30am, I’m usually up before then.

[quote]Beckjl wrote:
My friend buys books on tape for his long drives, I might try it.[/quote]

I get them from the library. I listen to the books on tape more than I listen to music. Talk and sports radio actually makes you dumber so avoid it at all costs.

My commute is 40 to 50 minutes. Not too bad. I had a shorter drive to a worse job before. This is a better situation.

In the summer I ride my motorcycle and I really enjoy it.

Last time I moved, distance from work was a fairly important factor.

On average, it’s 20 minutes in the morning and in the afternoon. Worst case (snow storm and the like) might bring it to 45 minutes, but that happens less than 10 times a year.

I don’t think I’d be able to put up with much more than 30 minutes each way daily.

My commute is 1 hour and 45 minutes each way, fortunately most of it is by train so I can either sleep or read.

I don’t mind the actual commute (since I’m not driving for most of it), I don’t like that my day starts by 4:00am and I don’t get home till 6 or so at night.

30 minutes commute.

Used to be much better, before I quit my old job I was within walking distance to the office.

I actually live in the Silicon Valley (a.k.a. South San Francisco Bay Area) and pretty much everyone here has a horrible commute. I guess I’m lucky.

3 Fridays, and 3 thursday evenings of the month, I commute about 2 hours each way.

1 week out of the month I commute about 2 hours each way for 4 days, tuesday thru friday.

These are the days I have my son.

the rest of the time my commute takes 30-60 minutes each way, depending on traffic. I do not like traffic.

How much is everyone’s gas bills?

ballin i cant help but laugh at your name

I work at a kayak shop a few towns over. I’ve been working there for four summers, and I’ve only had my car for the past two. It takes about 8-10 minutes to get there by car. The first two summers, I’d wake up, ride my bike to the deli, throw my food for the day in a backpack, and ride down to the store. It would only take about 15 minutes each way.

Last summer, I rode my bike to work instead of driving and for some reason, I just felt better.

Perhaps, an idea for those of you who are close enough where you might be able to.

Food for thought? shrugs

My commute is about 30min. In the morning I listen to Adam Corrola and the afternoon Tom Leykis. I pay about 300 per.month for gas.

My commute is to grab coffee and walk downstairs. Sometimes I am talking to customers, selling them expensive equipment in my robe, scratching my balls the whole time.

God I love the internet.

There’s a river of cash running right over your heads guys. Build a net and stick it up there. Really, you’re swimming in the river right now right?