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The More, the Merrier!

Looking recently, you can tell I love controversy; moreover, I just like getting people to use their tickers(whether or not they use it correctly or efficiently is not my decision). Sure, I have my faults, but at least I’m sincere. Put on your boots and strap on the backpack Troll-B-Gone sprayer. You’re gonna need it.

When I first got into a gym, I was shown how to squat, bench press, and other basic compound free-weight exercises, and left alone. I was a weak little bastard, but I was hooked from then on. Inside that gym was two rooms linked together. One room contained the dumbbells, squat rack, bench, bars, and plates. The other room had a multi-station machine.

Boy, was that machine lonely.

For some reason or another, I felt that if I used that machine, I would be a lesser man, or that I wouldn’t get the same results from it. I don’t know what gave me that reasoning; maybe iron seemed more “manlier”.

As I began to read more and more, and ask bigger guys for advice, I began to use the machine. First thing I used on it was the seated row, and the seated Pec-Deck Flyes. Then the leg extensions came into play, and I started to give it more and more love.

I was still a budding weightlifting/aspiring bodybuilder, but still inconsistent and not completely dedicated. I hadn’t discovered T-Nation yet, so I still had ideaologies and information that was wrong. I now realize that I didn’t use that machine to its fullest capacity-something I truly regret.

Then, out of nowhere, I went to the gym, and they have changed the locks. The ONLY gym in my town-the only gym I and one other guy used and nearly lived there-shut down. Of course, I was pissed, but I went into immediate action. I bought a bench/squat/preacher curl and/or lat pulldown set with more dumbbells and plates. Sadly a standard bar, but still something to use.

I went back to free weights, negating the pulldown. That was all I had for a while. I began to soak in all the information from T-Nation, and I started to gain some good size. It was a great time, but I still felt something was missing. About a month ago, I began to drive thirty minutes to a close community center. This thing had everything I wanted-Cables, free weights, different machines.

I started to make even more gains with being able to use the cables (cables have greatly helped my shoulders add mass and actually feel sore the next day). So here is where the shit hits the fan-

If you are a spokesperson for one of the other, free weights or machines, why not both? Why do you think one is better than two?

If you are vouching for using both, then why do you think both are better than just one (I know its common sense, but others may not have came to that realization)?

My opinion? Having both means having more tools. More tools means more options, which means reaching your goals quicker and easier.

Enjoy, and please, please-try not to kill each other too much.