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The morality of supplementation

This keeps bugging me. I’m fine with whatever I feel like trying, it’s my body after all and I’ll do as I please.
I’m just tired of the constant “Why would you want to put that in your body? Eat right and train hard and that’s all you need to do”. NOT that I am discounting the fact that yes, eating right and training hard IS almost the entire basis of improving your physique.
Example: I said something casually on another list-serv about being interested in Methoxy-7. I got several emails- all of them admittedly tactful, these weren’t flames or anything, I like these people :)- about how I shouldn’t be putting anything like that into my body, and one person specifically said they had noticed I have a penchant for trying out unusual chemicals. ! I didn’t even broach the steroid subject here, I’m a girl for crying out loud. And this isn’t even touching on the flak I constantly get from the anti-ECA alarmists.
I know the fondness for saying the old-school bodybuilders just lifted and ate and that’s how they did it. I also know that times are different. Interesting that nobody ever cries wolf about putting chemicals in my body when it comes to birth control or pain relief.
Anybody have some tactful and witty replies to stuff like this?

Yeah, read the recent paper version of T-mag where Cy Wilson does a great article on combatting typical myths. He has one about steroids that sorta applies to supplementation.

Also, there are many more chemicals that people put in their mouths or in their bodies each day that are much worse than supplements like Methoxy. How about aspirin? Alcohol? And many, many more things that have caused deaths or problems in far more cases than any supplements.

Read that article for more info!

The reality is that back in the '40s and '50s supplements not to mention steroids were not around. I think ascribing a “holier than thou” attitude to the oldtimers because they did not use supplements or steroids is kind of stupid because I am sure that some if not many of the guys back then would have tried or used supplements/steroids if they had been available. With that said, I can appreciate that those guys trained “clean”. But were those guys morally better than many today? No. I believe it was American olympic lifters who first started using steroids widely. And I mean when the steroids came on the scene it was Katy bar the door because all of our olympic lifters started taking them (had to) and bodybuilders were soon to follow. So, I don’t know what happened in those few “transition” years between the pre-steroid era oldtimers and the steroid-era guys… I guess a lot of “pure” guys all of a sudden lost their morality or something (hee hee). I think it was/is a reality that times change.

I am hearing you on the fact that there are a lot of people out there who are quick to bach any one for doing something that they themseleves would not do. I think you should be able to choose whatever the hell you want to put in your body, cause the only person you are going to affect is yourself, well unless you are pregnant. I say who care what others think or say, you do what you want to do and what makes you feel good and happy, and that is what matters, well as long as God is still number one, but that is just my view

One easy way I’ve found, just to get over the subject in conversation.

Tell them that supplements don’t work.

Seriously! I’ve gotten to the point where I just tell people that I’m trying it out, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. That usually satisfies their curiousity (for some reason).

There’s a very simple response to people who say that you “shouldn’t” put stuff like that in your body: ask them “Why not?”

One of two things will happen. They will show you good scientific evidence that the substance in question doesn’t work/is harmful. In that case you’ve learned something valuable. (However, in my experience this rarely happens.)

They say something stupid/ill-informed/etc. At that point you can easily get good evidence from T-mag (if it’s one of their supps that’s being discussed) and send it to the person. But after that, be SURE to follow up with a “Well what do you think now?” type of question. Don’t let the person off the hook until s/he admits that they were talking out of their ass in the first place. That person will never bother you again, guaranteed. in fact, s/he will probably come to you for advice in the future.

That’s about as tactful as I get when people question me about what I do with my body. Usually, however, I just say: “Look at me. Look at you. There’s your answer.” And walk off. (This also works well for getting people not to bother you any more… :wink: )

I find that this type of question isn’t restricted to just supplements. I’ve heard the question hundred’s of times “Why are you on a diet?” or “Why are you going to start dieting?” (I’m about 10% BF right now and am gonna start to cut for a little while before a hypertrophy cycle again).

I don’t understand why being anything but an overwhelming lardass is considered unhealthy these days. I don’t like a lot of the supplements out there, but that’s because I’m a chemist, and can/will question some of the uses/safety. But the people waving the red-flags aren’t even interested in body-building or power-lifting or most other sports. They just want to feel good about their body image, by telling you you don’t need to improve yours (and as we all know there’s always room for improvement).

Easter was a refeed day for me, and I was taking some doses of ALA throughout the day. My Dad saw me and asked if I was sick(!) I told him that ALA is an antioxidant, like Vit C & E. He said “Oh, so it’s like a vitamin pill?” I said yes, and then he seemed content.

I get comments all the time from friends that I shouldn’t be taking supplements. My one friend is working toward her PhD in chemistry and tells me that the supplements I take won’t do anything for me. It’s really

It’s just because you’re short, like me. So they think you have “little-big man’s disease” or something! LOL!

You’d think someone with a Ph.D in chemistry would know a little more about the role of vitamins and other nutrients in the body, but I guess she doesn’t study toward the biochemistry section. She only knows about the elements.

I find it much easier to not talk about supplements entirely if I’m not with the right crowd. The right crowd consists of other hardcore individuals who realise the pros and the cons of supplementation. All too often the general public believes that supplements can do terrible things to you.
Ephederine makes the news quite a lot. Ask the average joe shmo and he’ll tell you it’s death in a bottle. Researching the ephedrine deaths allows you to realise that most occured in individuals with heart conditions who were overdosing.

Think about it

tell those people

when you it processed foods out of a box, or a candy, youre putting in your body STUFF YOU DONT KNOW ABOUT, AND NOT MEANT TO BE THERE. why do you do it- you have youre reasons.

Im puting engineenired stuff into my body! Im concious about it!

In short

every1 is so shortsighted HA…

Nate, it must feel nice for to be able to pick on someone else’s height, being the giant you are!

My PhD candidate friend tells me that my articles on nutrition are crap, and that when I try to discuss it with her, she tells me that I’m “preaching to the choir.” She tells me that they have studied nutrition extensively in school. Then she tells me to eat a diet that’s 60% carbs. WTF?!?

Most of it is petty moralizing. What they are really saying you is how much better than you they are because they don’t take X. I tell them that X is the reason I am not a lard ass (or pencil neck or whatever) like they are. And, what are you going to do about it? For some reason there are fewer and fewer pests these days.

You want a piece of me halfpint? LOL!

I still don’t understand how or why they can keep recommending the same stuff even though the research is in front of their face and being updated each day that totally contradicts what they learn and/or preach.

They obviously don’t study it extensively. If they do, they must not be questioning anything they are studying. Defy authority. Question. Think. Be Open-Minded.

What is wrong with some of these so-called smart people??? Ph.D or not, that is just dumb! You should prove her wrong with some good research to back it up!

Look at them and say “Shut the FUCK up I did not ask you. You Fuckin portly bastard” They will leave ya alone.

Yeah Solo…it worked on my Mom.

“My mom was a ventriloquist and she always was throwing her voice. For ten years I thought the dog was telling me to kill my father”

~ Wendy Leibman

Or you can do that. It always works. Just depends on the setting and how rude you want to be. I do prefer the direct approach as above. But people get so upset when you are brutally honest and upfront about shit. Stupid idiots.

The office I useto work at, people were always coming up to me to tell about when they were beginning a diet, what they had for lunch; even going so far as to apologize that they were eating Burger King or McD’s. AND they would also analyze what I was eating, etc. Annoying as hell. And freakin’ rude.

I’ve learned a long time ago, to avoid the topic of diet, nutrition (or what a typical person would equate as “nutrition”), and supplements with the average person. I just keep mum on the subject.

It’s none of anyone’s business what I take in the way of supplements. If someone nods toward my bottle of Methoxy and ask what it is, I just mumble, “supplement” and that’s it. If it’s someone who also trains and has interests in physical culture, I’ll give them a bit more in the way of a explanation. Other than that, nada.

Shrug that shit off. And move on. Do what you have to do and want to do to improve upon yourself. There’s no need to explain yourself; why bother? It’s your choice, your perogative.

My exphis and nurtirion teachers say outrageous things. 70% carbs. If u have more then 1.5 g of protien per kilogram your gonna crap out your kidney. I’ve attemtped to talk to them privatley outside of class, but he would just gigle like he was high and avoid the subject.

Shit out their kidney eh?

Perhaps you stumbled upon a better way to perform transplant extractions.