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The MORA experiment

In issue 229, my attention was caught by Dennis Weis’ idea of using a mouthpiece to elicit higher productivity in strength training. I purchased a regular boil-n-form-cast mouthguard yesterday and employed the device in my Limping into Nov. Deadlift session. I have to give credit to Mr. Weis as I found a very tangible difference in the flow of tension throughout my body. Recruitment of all the muscles involved became easier, I even noticed a stronger grip. My form was tight the entire time. For under two bucks, this is as economical as experiments get. Test it out doing warm-up sets sans mouthpiece, and pop it in for the work set. Have fun. My only caution is for those of you (see OT) who have lifting mantras. Try 'em with the guard in and you’ll be Pavlov’s Dogging all over your bar, bells, ect. Lata.

MBE: "Mmmmmphhhttffftttuggt. Smfcy 2098."


Just bought mine. I’ve been meaning to for a long time, since I have a tendency to bite down on my lower lip when going heavy that often sends me home from the gym with blood running down my chin, but after reading Weis’ article plus your positive feedback I finally decided to get my scrote in gear. I’ll post on my experience with it soon.