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The Moon Does Not Exist?



"...they do not give us a single piece of reliable forensic evidence..."

What about the fact that you can, well, see it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep. It exists because I can see it.


Jesus, really?


Well then what the fuck was I howling at last night?


I would......uh, hit that.

And sleep on it


The girl ID posted of course.


Oh yeah. I ate that moon to see if it was really made of cheese. It tastes much better than cheese.


This is why we will operate RAPEAXE from remote locations.


No moon?!

Just what glowing, spectral orb have I been sacrificing goats to on a nightly basis?

Just bought a new altar and everything. Crap.


Sorry, guys. We burned a hole in the sky back in the 60's while smoking a really big joint and THAT is what the "moon" is.


Sales are way up, and our market share is overwhelming the competition. I think this is a perfect time to expand our operations into Southeast Asia. I know someone who can get us a good deal on a factory in Jakarta that can mass-produce RAPEAXE!!!!!!!!!! for us.


Why don't I understand this?


no moon? Obviously those guys didnt watch Transformers 3


The spawning of a new age...


Or Hell boy.


Next you're going to tell me that the Holocaust never happened and that black people are a figment of my imagination...


Heheheh. It said spawning.


I laugh at "really big joint". Come back when you've made some actual progress in your smoking and you're twisting up some Backwoods blunts.


LOL. I don't think they were doing blunts in the 60's. I'll have to ask one of these Vietnam vets what the deal was.


That's no moon...

Nerd +1.