The Monolith, Building It

I am getting ready to go balls deep into this template. I recall someone writing a damn good review about it some time ago. It’s been a bit since I’ve seen anything else. Anyone give it a go as of late? & have any fresh thoughts on it?

I ran it and loved it. Only suggestion besides “just do the program” is to not go crazy on assistance work. If you can only do 15 chins, don’t try to do sets of 15,12,9,6,4,4,4 etc. Just space it out and do easy sets of 5. Get the volume in without trashing yourself.

I am still on back to back program although Jim did not recommend. I lowered the training max and did the 7th week protocol to determine the training max for the following 6 weeks. I finished my second 7th protocol this morning. so far so good, got some new 5 rep PRs on the first and second 7th week.

Hey Jet01, I just finished the last session of my third and last Building the monolith cycle.

No special recommendations to add to those written in Jim’s program. Except “brush your teeth”.

Just eat and recover hard. Do your stretching religiously. I neglected it one week and really regreted it.

Focus on getting quality reps. Not a single set is hard if you rest enough between your sets (except if you want to push your AMRAP Press sets), so use it at your advantage.

And doing that many sets of 5 can get really boring. Deal with it.

Appreciate the input fellas’. Good info right there.

Those were my thoughts exactly on the chins. Thanks, Roran.

This may be the hardest part of all for me!

Made it through the first day. All in all, pretty good. However, the DOMS is a total beat down.

Ending week 3 on Fri. I will then be heading to the OBX for the week. My question is, should I come back & head into week 4 or should run the week 3 back again?

I ran it back to back to back, so far so good. But will reset TM in 4th cycle.

did any of you replaced/include weighted carries in any of the days? i usually do some carries between sled push sets on conditioning days but not sure if that would work with this template. any ideas?

Try it how its written first and then add and subtract from it

In fairness, the conditioning isn’t set in stone for the program. Jim provides guidelines and examples, but no “thall shalls”

True. Jumped thine gun on that one.

Try and do weighted carries with a sandbag if you have one or just some low impact medleys. I’ve ran monolith before and while she be fin, she not for the faint of heart

ill give them a shot. thanks

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