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T-freques, sup? I haven’t posted in a while, and I just felt obligated to having a little time to do so. First off, where are my old skool T-f’ers at? Timbo, Brider, nate dawg, all your freaks dissapeared. Speak up! Anyhow, After gaining 10 lbs. on my mass phase, I’ve taken the past week off to rest up and heal (had an arm injury that needed some rest). I plan on starting Meltdown training next week to rip up. I’ve dropped my carb intake significantly (I usually go low carb anyhow, I just feel better that way) and I’ll be using L-carnitine twice a day, a non-ephedra thermo, and an androsol/nandrosol combo. I expect to relaly rip up and gain a couple more solid pounds off of the spray. Classes end in two weeks and then I’ll be posting more frequently. Lata.

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Me, an “old skool T’fer?” Well, that’s a BIG compliment coming from the Simian Kid. Haven’t gone anywhere. I’ve been posting mostly on the off-topic forum, and less here. Don’t even get on the steroids forum. Good to hear you’re on the “short-timer” list. What’s your non-ephedra thermo?

Good to see you back on the board Monkeyboy! Sounds like you have been tearing some shit up! So heal up and get back to it. This Dogg is ready to hit the MAG-10 next week. It’s been driving me crazy being so lazy leading up to the two-week size surge. But I’m ready now. Well rested and eager like a beaver to pack on 10lbs in two weeks…and it won’t stop there! This Dogg is gonna follow it up with a two on, two off schedule as Tim has recommended. So hopefully, you’ll be hearing some good things from me in the coming weeks.

Keep it real Monkeyboy! Hit it up on the forum, get the rest you need, and tear some shit up the only way you know how bro! :slight_smile:

MB - Miss your commentaries, don’t stay gone so long man. I feel ya on the injury, been there, done that. Get well.

E-Man…your number one T’fer is in the T-f’n Dogg House, baby! Timbo’s hella jacked up to do some Power Trippin’ in a few minutes. Oh, baby, you gotta love goin’ hella heavy, hella hard! Ggggrrrruffff! Glad to hear from ya, E-Man, as your boy Timbo is returning from a brief hiatus of his own.

Nate Dogg, my man, what’s the haps, playah! Look for a little something, something in your mailbox tonite.

Yeah T-crazed mofo’s! Thas what I’m tlakin’ about! First off, I’m goin’ on Tetracal-ef, supposed to be some quality stuff in terms of a non-ephedra thermo. Timbo mah Jungle Gym Junkie, when the hell you gonna kick it out here to tha NYC? Nate, bro, Great to hear from ya. Where’s Chardawg and the other old timers at? In other MB news, I’ve spent the day eating turkey chili and organic habanero salsa. Ups to no classes on fridays. I’m out. Ya’ll blow this f’n thread up. Lata.

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Hey what is Tetrical-ef? Whatever it is let us know if it works or not.

MBE - If that Tetracal is made by Betastatin, then it does indeed contain Ephedrine in the form of Ma Huang Extract. Also contains Chromium Picolinate, White willow bark extract, Yohimbe bark extract, caffiene. Sounds like the standard ECA to me.

Damn you Brider! Damnnnnnnnnn YOUUUUUUUUUU!!! Thanks for the info, though, bro. And hey, if my heart explodes as a result, at least I’ll look lean and ripped in the casket. Should be interesting. Yeah.

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Glad to be of service. Actually, I wasn’t trying to warn you off or anything. I don’t think the extra boost of intensity will even be noticed on you (just a drop in the ocean, ya know). I just looked up the stuff, since I’m a little nervous about ephedra myself (borderline high blood pressure). Thought you might be onto something.

I just completed my first session of Meltdown Training. Goddamnit! Hell yeah, I’m still shaking. I was near puking at least twice, and barely held my first ever glass of Surge (shit is sweeeeeeeeeeet) down post-workout. If anybody else is on Meltdown, I’d like to compare total workout times, I finished in 20 minutes. Longest 20 minute workout I’ve ever had, shite. I also started my Nandro/Andro spraying today (70 sprays twice a day) my Betastatin Tetracal, and I’m doing 2 TBS. of L-Carnitine pre workout. This monkey is a veritable pharmecutical lab. Lata.

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Hey, I’m still hangin’ around the vines, ME! Glad to hear school’s going along for ya…remember what we used to say in the Corps: “Motivation is the key to graduation.” Got me through bootcamp, it should get you through your sophomore year! Sounds like yer tearin’ up the weights as well - 10 pounds ain’t bad! I just got finished with the “killer” phase of Growth Surge myself, and lemme tell you, I grew! 8.5 pounds of LBM with a slight reduction in fat at the same time! Got it all tracked ‘n’ logged on an Excel spreadsheet, too. Woo hoo! People at the gym were poppin’ their eyes out at this old body…now all I gotta do is keep it. Gotta a question for my man Timbo - yo, are you capable of writing a post without using the word “hella”? Just bustin’ your balls, man! Personally, I think that you’re going for “hellas”, something to do with the Greek ideal in physical beauty or something, and just falling a letter short, but hey…what do I know? You still the man, Stan!

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MB, glad you enjoyed Meltdown, wait till you’re doing 4 sets. 20 mins is about right for the first week.

Char-ass-bro, I’m a senior. I’ve got one semester left, I think I can pull through it. Hell, I plan on going to graduate school and eventually getting my PhD. in Sports Psychology, so I’d better ass finish. Betastatin’s Tetracal-EF is quality thermogenic asskickness, plus it elevates my hyperactivity, which is really, really…really scary. Lata.

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Didn’t you say that you were 20 in a previous post (not that long ago)? And you’re a Senior? Damn. Not bad, bro… I didn’t graduate till I was 30!

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Yeah Char, 21 since sept. and by May I’ll have my B.A. in Forensic Psychology. I went straight from high school into college. Anyhows, if anyone else is on the T-Dawg diet could you tell me how “detrimental” it is for me to have an apple with my Advanced Protein in the morning? I know I’m shootin’ for ketosis, but during the rest of the non-workout days I’m shoveling in MAYBE 30 grams of carbs. Can one friggin’ green apple really fuck things up that bad? Lata.

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FORENSIC Psychology? Okay, I’m sure I’m misinformed here, but I just have this image of a corpse on the couch, with you sitting there asking it questions. Or maybe through a spirit medium? LOL. Okay, it’s Friday and I just haven’t had enough sleep.

It’s basically Criminal Psychology. Why they call it Forensic I’ve no idea. lata.

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It good to see some old names. It seems you guys have your nook in the training/nutrition forum. Well, I just dropped in to say hello and that I may not be such of a stranger anymore. It’s been a long time for me on the web with testosterone. I can still remember seeing the first issue when it came out and I’ve been here ever since. I was also one of the first few posts on the original forum. Much has changed since those days and I don’t many of the old names I used to.

Sup John? Nice to hear from another old skooler. Damn, this is one of the few places on Earth where I’m considered a seasoned veteran. I enjoy throwing an old-skoolers post up every once in a while just to check on all the long-time T-freques. Incidentally, there are a couple names I haven’t seen responding yet. Hyphenz, where you at? Lata.

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