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The Moment Every Boy Goes Through


Today was the best day of my ENTIRE Life! the moment in a boys age where he finally becomes a man an serious about life the point where hes finally gone thru all the bull shit in life!...

Guys im now a man! this is how it happend an addiction ive had for the past 5 years has been swept away im serious about my bodybuilding now, since that monkey has been lifted off my back, Just thought id share this wonderful day with T-Nation! - THANK YOU GOD


Congratulations. Not to diminish the greatness of the day for you, but whether you are a man remains to be seen. As far as "finally gone through all the bull shit", how old are you? I suspect "you ain't seen nuthin yet".


i just turned 18 an trust me when i say ive seen everything... but im the only one who will really know since were sitting behind computers talking to eachother.


OK Terrific.


Great Fucking Job!


well, at least you didn't post you "finally became a man" like 15 minutes ago with your girlfriend...

although I wouldn't put it past people on here sometimes.


That's what I thought he was talking about.


Thanks Ass! =D

Thank you for your opionion but eh isnt this what this board is for "Get a Life - Off Topic" Subject!? (The BIG WASTE OF TIME)

  • Halleluah -


You were addicted to monkeys being on your back? WTF is wrong with you?


ohhhhh heh you funny but nothing can ruin the best day of my life not even an ASS...

It was marijuana. 5 year non stop addict.


Oh, yeah, well then I guess you have seen everything. Wow. Please tell us your odyssey.


I sucked dick for coke. You ever sucked dick for marijuana???


I am a ass. But....Congrats on kicking that habit and good luck with your training. I hope you have an even better day tomorrow.


One day you will as well understand


What a tool.


LMFAO!!!!!!! Ohhh, thanks bud. I needed a good laugh... In the words of the not so great Bob Saget "I used to suck dick for coke. Did you ever suck dick for marijuana!?"


And that, kids, was the first time I sucked a dick for crack....but it wouldn't be the last...


Oh I understand. You love pot, your parents found your pot, you have no money to buy more pot, so your bored and started a thread about how you "gave up" pot.


Still laughing at this shit!!!!!

I got a better one...

"I'm addicted to getting pussy, but now I am gonna straighten out!"



IT'S REEFER MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!