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The Mitchnasty Revolution


I have logged here before. But was a bit debilitated for a while, so I really had to figure some things out in my training. I even took a little sabbatical from PLing and messed around with GVT. As painful as it was, I had to reset my deadlifts (and also change them to sumo) and change to front squats instead of back squats. Anyway, all is great now. No pain, back to hitting PRs. Kill 'em all.

Okay I am about to go on a cruise, so I had a big training blitz today as I will obviously not be doing any serious lifting on my vacation.

135x5 (warmup set)
300x3 (Rest Pause, this was actually an accident. Was supposed to be 290 but I apparently forgot how to do basic arithmetic.)

Front Squat

In between Front Squat sets I squeezed in 5x10 DB rows with 80 lbs DBs

3x10 DB Shrugs (80s)
- Supersetted 3x10 Leg curl on total gym

3x10 Barbell Curl (only bar)
- Superset 3x10 Tricep ext on total gym

5x10 Decline sit-ups with 35 lb plate
- Superset calf work

About an hour and a half. Not bad at all considering I put in a bunch of extra work.


Back from cruise, back to training. Did Dumbbell BS on cruise, not worth logging.

Front Squat 5x5

  • Top set 165x6

Military Press 5x5

  • 155 x 5 top set

1x6 Deadlift @ 275

Pull-ups 3x10

  • Lat raises 3x10 superset

DB rows @ 80 lbs 3x10

  • Superset DB tricep extension 3x10 @ 80

5x Decline crunches (some high rep, some low rep weighted)

  • superset calf raises

1 Mile run

Just under 1.5 hours


Was hot and muggy at like 7 am WTF. Made this workout drag on

Front Squat 3x5 - top set 170x6

Bench 3x5 - Top set 275x6

  • superset 3x10 pull-ups

5x10 Dips

  • superset 5x10 DB rows @ 80 lbs

5x Decline sit-ups (varying rep ranges)

1 Mile run

1 hr 11 minutes


Got my pair of Tommy Konos today. They are awesome!

Front Squat 5x5 ( Top set 175x6)
Military Press 5x5 (top set 155x5)
DL 1x6 @ 285 (felt nice and light, ecstatic to be rebuilding my deadlift)
Dumbbell Curls 5x10

  • Superset dumbbell tricep extensions @ 60 lbs
    5 Sets decline situps (mostly weighted)
  • threw in some calf sets

About 5 minutes of boxing

Just about an hour altogether. Happy with that , think I will try to aim for this time frame generally.

Then went on walk with wife and child-spawn


Front Squat
115 x 5
115 x 5
135 x 5
185 x 6
115 x 12

Bench 5x5 (top set @ 280)

  • superset Barbell row 155 x 5
    Lateral raises 5 x10
  • superset calf raises

5 x decline crunches

About ten minutes switching between DB swings and boxing

No idea about time. Solid day today.


I see you’re loving the tommy konos, have you figure out how to put them on yet? I have a pair and they’re great, I actually wear a pair of eleikos more frequently because of the difficulty getting them on.

Looks like your front squat numbers are way behind your bench press. Any story behind this? Do you wear a belt?


I have more or less just been pulling them up and sacrificing a few leg hairs along the way lol. I did find this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wqwt0IBPxcQ . That might help you in getting your TKs on. Getting them off is way easier I just roll them off.

There is a story behind my lagging deadlifts and front squats. About 6 months ago I was running 5/3/1 and and was on my 1’s DL day. I finished my lift and had some pretty heavy tension in my lower back. This persisted for a while and things got worse. I kept trying to rest it off and come back and attempt to DL or squat anywhere near my TMs and it just wasn’t happening.

I tried over and over, but for whatever reason, the pain kept coming and I couldn’t really figure out a solution. Even went to a chiropractor a few times. Anyway, I took a little while off heavier lifting and started back really low on front squats and sumo deadlifts. I have just been working my way back up and it feels great. Also, I guess my bench has always been disproportionately high to my lower body lifts. My top PR for bench was 345 and my deadlift was only 455 even at its best.


Oh and yes I do wear a belt. A “bodybuilding” kind of belt that tapers off, but still a belt.


Been busy with schoolwork and such. Did a big squat session on Thursday. After doing a little research, think I will not do front squats for high reps anymore. Anyway here’s today’s goodness.

3x3 top set @ 295. Not bad, but not a PR. Felt kind of heavy. Probably could have gotten fourth rep with a spotter

Military Press 5x10 @ 110 lbs

Neutral grip cable rows x 5 on total gym (superset w/ MP)

That was right around 30 minutes.

Then I did a little walking to try and loosen up legs for tomorrow.


Today felt way better than expected. Woke up and legs still felt tight. Once I got going it was just fine though. Started off with a little walking to loosen up.

Front Squat 3x3 (top set @ 205 x 4, happy with this. Took the reps nice and slow and it didn’t feel extremely heavy)

Deadlift 5x10 @ 215

Calf raises x 5

  • Superset decline sit-ups with 25 and 45 lb plates

I tried to take a video of the 205x4 FS but I clearly got the angle wrong. So here is a video of my garage haha.


Okay NVM I guess the video won’t post


Walking/stretching to warm up

Military Press 3x3-- top set @160 (was hoping for a fourth rep here, but couldn’t quite manage it. Anyway, good solid controlled reps.)

Bench 5x10 @ 200 - these felt heavier than expected, but I got the full ten on all 5 sets
- superset 5 sets of rows on total gym

5 Minute abs

Wasn’t really feeling the boxing today. Didn’t time the workout itself. I was finished in just over an hour of waking up though, not bad.


I don’t know why my body doesn’t like back squats. I used to have no problem with them. I tried some out today and I could just feel my back getting tight by the third set, even at a light weight. Anyway, I’m not in pain or anything now, but I just didn’t think it was a good idea to go for the full five sets. I was planning on doing 5x10 back squats on my heavy DL days, but I guess I will do 5x5 @ 80% with front squats instead. Today was definitely a good day still.

3x 245
3x 285
5 x 325 (first time in a while I had done any heavyish DL without a belt, belt only on last set)
Back Squat 3x10 @ 135
Front Squat 2x5 @ 175

  • I supersetted calf work in between squat sets
    5 Minute abs


Feels like my wrist took some pretty good abuse today lol. A pretty damn good day.

Bench 135x5 (warmup)
275x 3
315 x 1
Military Press 5x10 @ 110 lbs

  • superset neutral-grip rows on total gym (averaging 11 or 12 reps per set)

Only 31 minutes today, not bad. Might do some walking later since I have been a fatty recently.

 - side note, I got  a new pair of catches/liftoffs (whatever you want to call them) for my power rack. I really liked them, made a bigger difference than I thought. Just made rolling the bar out feel like a smoother process than the ones that came with the rack (a powerline PPR200X)


Front Squats

5 x Bar (w/u)
5x 165
3x 190
3x 215 (very happy about this, thought I would maybe get 2. Definitely a PR, relatively new to front squats so I have never pushed it that far.)

Deadlifts 5x10 @ 215 - these were very challenging today. My back was so tight by the last set. I threw in some side stretches in between the last few sets.
- In between DL sets superset calf raises

5 sets of weighted decline crunches

35 minutes- boo yah!


Military Press

15 x bar
5 x 135
3 x 155
1 x 170 (good lockout here)

Bench 5x10 @ 200 (this was hard as shit)

  • superset cable rows ala Total Gym

Some ab work

Some boxing.

Forgot to time it today, but I was moving pretty fast