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Check this shit !!!

we need to find this kid and
1) force him to eat

2)get the people who sing the music he listerns to, to actually meet him, in which case they would most likely beat him to death and steal his weights and drumkit and key board. (violent innercity african americans who are emotionally scared from childhoods,leaving them violent and angry for life)



I totally despair at the world today!

What thought process did this skinny kid go through that led him to decide to post a video of himself curling 10kg DBs (are they 10's?) whilst wearing a bandana and listening to gangsta rap.

I notice he turned comments off, I wonder why.


The song is "Internally Bleeding" by Immortal Technique. Also, he's not gangster rap, as the other poster said, but more social/political rap mixed with some conspiracy theory. And to be honest, I'm not sure he was even born in America; I think he was born in Peru or Columbia (I may be wrong), so he's not an African American.

Class dismissed.

Oh yeah, I don't know why anyone would post that video, either, but I've seen a lot worse. Anyone ever that fat chick eating catfood and start rubbing it all over her face? Yeah, there's a lot worse out there. But, I agree, feed him if you find him.


A friend of mine sent me that fat chick video. It was so fucking bad. My first instinct was to laugh, but then I just thought WTF?? I couldn't stop thinking WTF, but I couldn't stop watching it either. Like a big, fat, cat food covered trainwreck.


I hereby nominate 'alternating 1-arm dumbbell curls' as the most over-used exercise by people who have no business showing off their physiques.

In addition, what the hell is with under-developed individuals going out of their way to take their shirts off and show everybody?

Even the "physique photos" section of this website is an example of it. I would have been mortified to try to 'show off' my muscles at any point before I got past around 220lbs.

The confidence of most people is just overwhelming. I can't believe depression even exists anymore with such arrogance flowing everywhere...


I honestly feel the same way. I was 150lbs in high school and there is no way I would have posted my pic on a forum to "show it off". Hell, that was why I got in the gym in the first place. You have guys who are truly looking like they are starving and never touched a weight posting pictures half naked. Is it because they truly think they are HUGE? Maybe they need to allow more teasing in schools.


Well it's not everyday you get to admire someone's skeleton. Nice ribs.