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The Missing Exercise?


I just started a new routine last week.

Day 1:
Bench Press
Dbell Row
Clean & Press (dumbbell)

Day 2: off

Day 3:
Overhead Press
Pull up/Pull down
Wrist roller

Day 4: off

Day 5:
Seated calf raise

Everything is done 5 x 5 with a 120 sec rest between sets

I really like the routine so far, and plan to stick with it for a while. The question I have is this: What would you guys suggest for a fourth exercise on day 5? I just can’t seem to find anything that fits in there.



Lunge a lot.

OR do step-ups onto one of those aerobics steps if you can find one. Set it as high as you can, and grab either some dumbbells or load a bar up.

I would do another horizontal row, perhaps a T-Bar row if you have one available or Cable row.

These are both good suggestions, I think…I would put both in. You can do a calf raise variation every day, making for five exercises. The best way to stimulate calf growth is frequency.