The Mirror

Guys, this sounds kind of silly but since I dumped about 15 lbs recently I find I am becoming somewhat enamored with the mirror. I work out to change my appearance, am glad to have a degree of success, but feel a little narcissitic. Thoughts?

its normal man, we tmen have all the right to. how will u ever see how well defined u are if it wasnt for the mirror? the more u look at it the more confidence u get!!! or the more hard u wanna train!!

Yeah, you’re a fag.

Well, since tv rots your brain, you’re much better off at watching something worthwhile, either yourself in the mirror or some quality porn. I too have the self-image affliction. Others in my household occasionally tell me that I haven’t changed in shape or form from thirty seconds ago…but I know better…

“I’m mad, you’re mad…”


Don’t do it in public,and remember-There is always someone stronger, younger and better looking than you are so find other reasons to like yourself.

Checkin out the bod in the mirror is cool…just don’t get too carried away with it.

I get caught in pose-downs with myself all the time. I’m undefeated, though…so it’s all good.

Geez, some comments in there that I think would’ve been better left out.
JCR - bud, I honestly think you’re being sarcastic, but without some kind of follow up comment to point that out I felt your call was harsh.
A-Girl - I’m sure he knows he’s not the biggest or the strongest, but he really doesn’t need to here it from a female, especially one that reads T-Mag and is presumably on the high end of the looks scale.

I make these points as they immediately hit me as being quite significant confidence drainers.
But otherwise there are many good points.

John, do it a little at the gym, as much as you want at home, never in public and don’t throw it in anyones face… Cheers.

Yeah, we all (unless you’re a powerlifter) get to that point whether we want to admit it or not.

Mark, I didn’t mean it as a putdown, this is simply what I tell myself when I catch myself spending too much time at the mirror, although most of my mirror time is spent being hypercritical!

Spring is on the way! Ive been on the shedfred program for 7 weeks preparing for it and have lost a lot of my body fat too. It feels really good to see me again and I also can’t get enough of myself, haha. I think it is GREAT and will continue to enjoy looking at myself no matter what anybody thinks of it.

Another point…I couldn’t get this damn post out of my head, thinking about it for some reason while working, driving, etc. Anyway, my point or question to John is: Why the hell do you need other people to tell you what is ‘normal’ or ‘abnormal’ behavior? It’s only natural to check your self out in the mirror if you look good. Narcissistic? Think of what a great world we would live in if EVERYONE cared about how they looked, performed, etc.! Everyone would be in great shape, we would have advancements in all levels of society, I think you understand what I’m saying here. As far as not getting carried away, I meant you don’t have to spend HOURS and hours daily in front of the mirror! Hell, take a picture of yourself while you’re in great shape and use it for motivation when you need it. DO NOT allow ‘society’ to suppress your natural, healthy inclinations. 'Nuff said.

Fair enough A-Girl, just didn’t quite understand where you were coming from. Cheers. Good call Maclar. I think each and every one of us that have got ourselves to ‘shredded’ status at some point “deserve” to have a good perve at ourselves whenever we like! I think I speak for everyone when I say that it makes us feel proud, happy, more confident, even excited at times, but never really goes to our heads. I’m sure I’ve left some adjectives out, and it does slightly different things for different people, but we all do it, all enjoy it, and there’s nothing at all wrong with it!

Thanx for the responses guys (and you also AG). I think the thing is a in a little better perspective for the words of insight.