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how i see myself…

There’s a mirror at my school that when I walk toward it I can suddenly look awesome.

I think you need to stand almost right under a florescent light, or just a little bit behind, then the light hits you the right way, creating small shadows.

Here’s a pic where I’m standing in that sweet spot…the light is creating shadows that make me look (at least I think) a lot better than I really do.

The black shirt doesn’t hurt either.


This reminds me of when I see all the Asian girls taking pictures of themselves with their cell phones and they hold the camera up high so that when you see the pic it takes away any double chin because it’s lost from that angle.

[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
Who here doesn’t check out his physique in the mirror? We all do it, and it’s expected that we do it being in the gym several hours per week.

But most mirrors make me look bad. In my home, the mirrors all have improper lighting for making me appear muscular. At the gym I look okay in one set of mirrors, but like crap in the others. Plus, the lighting makes me look flat.

However, yesterday I was in Target trying on some shorts when I noticed how AWESOME I looked in the dressingroom mirror! Lighting was perfect, the mirror didn’t have any waves in it, no convex or concave appearance. I just stood there flexing for a moment checking out all angles in the mirror and the one on the opposite wall to see my back. I was impressed with myself.

Mirror probably had a disclaimer at the bottom that said objects may appear larger than they actually are.

all of the cum stains I’ve adorned my mirror with are making it harder and harder for me to tell what I’m jerking off to.

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Dwarf why the fuck are you buying clothes at Target?


Just some cheap cargo shorts.
Today, I ripped my second pair of cheap cargo shorts from Target, by bending down to lift something heavy off the floor at work. Just be careful your midget ass doesn’t rip anything on those super fashionable threads you picked up.

Fuckin Target…[/quote]

Well, there’s always Wal-Mart.


Weird this thread should come up- I rarely shop for clothes but out of necessity I was buying a suit for my graduation in 5 days like half an hour ago. Felt like crap after eating a big meal yet I looked literally the biggest and best I’ve ever looked, with abs still making a strong appearance. Good store mirrors/lighting are great.

[quote]DBCooper wrote:
all of the cum stains I’ve adorned my mirror with are making it harder and harder for me to tell what I’m jerking off to.[/quote]

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