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There are about 3 or 4 guys that always sport jeans and tight t-shirts AND weight belts. You can tell why they have jeans on too, so as to hide their bird legs. They are forever curling and doing shoulders and back...its about a 7 on the ol' d-bag scale.


Who wears jeans to the gym?


I know, for a fact, that Austin Bicep wears jeans to the gym. :slight_smile: <3


I've seen many young guys wearing jeans to the gym here. I am in Asia though, so weird stuff at the gym is very common. I think they're just in to do some curls. Really.
I've seen a guy in gray slacks and a white shirt working out. Not tie though.


Jeans really cut into your mobility, jean-shorts on the other hand ...


I saw a guy doing pushups in a leather jacket in the gym at my college once. I just stood and stared in awe.


Yeah ya gotta wonder where some people went wrong in life don't ya.....


I had to wear jeans at the gym a couple days ago. Its too cold to wear the gym shorts to the gym so I come in with my jeans. I forgot to throw a pair of shorts in my bag before I left the house. No cardio, just benched like a brotard and left.