The minutes in between sets adds up

Is it better for recovery sit down or stand up after finishing a set of leg excercises? sometimes i get so dizzy that i feel like i have to sit down. should i be stretching or what? What do you guys do in between sets? My work out partner likes to do pushups in between sets of bench. What are advantages or disadvantages of this?

I walk around concentrating on how I am going to bust my butt on the next set.

I would “not” do pushups in between my bench. For one thing it will wear you out for your next set along with alot of other disadvantages. Your question about you getting dizzy after finishing a set is probably because you are not breathing properly. Make sure you breathe in and breathe out during your exercise.

I usually rest up for my next set.

I’d say if you’re dizzy, then sit down. I always wonder about them people who perform ab work or even pushups between sets in their routine. Or how about the people who sit down with a newspaper between sets. raising eyebrow curious indeed.

I'm too busy spotting Ko or concentrating on my next set to really DO anything between my sets. BTW: your workout partner isn't spotting you during your sets of bench? Huh?

Well just don’t do what your partner does. Push-ups between sets of bench??? He’s not letting the muscle recover at all and that is going to affect his other sets of bench. It would be like doing bicep curls while you are in between sets of pull-ups, not productive for the other sets of the main exercise.

I say don’t sit down until the end of a leg workout. I get dizzy after squats sometimes, but I only sit down for about ten seconds and try to keep walking the rest of the time. It keeps the blood flowing to the legs, or something (that’s what I read somewhere).

in between sets your #1 priority should be recovery. Concentrate on breathing and relaxing. The dizziness is the loss of oxygen in the brain or even because of high blood pressure. If you feel like sitting down there is no problem. It takes the stress off the legs and allows you to relax better. If you do feel tightness then you can do a light stretch. It’s all about your individual needs. laters pk

For the most part, I walk around. Usually I’m walking to another piece of equipment or getting some dumbbells or changing the weight. I prefer to alternate between two different exercises for my supplemental work (excludes bench, squat, deadlift exercises). I don’t rest more than 60 seconds so sitting down is almost impossible. I grab a drink of my surge or water, change the weight, and get ready to do my next set.

On leg sets I walk around for about 39 seconds and sit down for the rest of the interval. Upper body, I usuually walk around or stand. Good luck! Stay manly and Strong.

When i ran cross country my coach never let us sit down after a race or during practice. At first i thought he was just being a hard ass. (You have to admit that when you finish a race if you sit down it makes you look weak when others are still standing.) But if you think about it, it does make more sense to stand. If you sit down you are more likely to lean forward restricting your breathing. Standing up will keep your posture and allow for easier (more efficient) breathing. I say if you have to sit keep your posture correct to keep that O2 coming in.

Regarding the restriction of breathing, let’s take it from a asthmatic’s point of view: during a “attack” I won’t sit down, that’s the worse thing to do. I remain upright, but just lean slightly forward. I regulate my breathing better this way.

But I have never sat down between sets.

I never sit down. I too prefer to walk around and try and psyche up for what lies ahead. I read once that sitting down or bending at the waist restricts your diaphram from working to it full capacity.

sitting down might make you more dizzy and restrict your recovery,as venous return of the blood to the heart requires the muscles to contract and squeeze the blood back up to the heart to be oxygenised and pumped back around to clear waste, other wise you will get venous pooling of the blood. If you have been doing legs walk around for the first thirty seconds or so then sit/lay down to eleviate compressive stress on the lower back.

I’ve been told by many coaches that you are not supposed to sit down or bend at the waist and place your hands on your knees - If you are out of breath or dizzy the best thing to do is bring your hands up to the back of your head (like when you relax on the couch) and walk around.
I usually stretch between sets. I can stretch my hamstrings so well now I can almost suck my own dick! ha ha…someday maybe!