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The Million Dollar Question...


How do you get muscle to grow in that upper-inner area? As you can see from the pic attached, I ain't got nothin' up there, but was wondering if anyone else has been in my position and had success growing muscle up there later in their lifting career?


Nother pic.


keep benching and it will come.


hardgnr beat me to it but i still want a piece of the million, keep on pushing, vary your lift do inclines and flys, make chest work a priority.


So it's a combination of flat, incline, and flys? I been focusing alot on flys for the last 2 months or so, and before that I spent alot of time on dumbbell incline, and before that flat...

I'm not worried about my routine, I just want to make sure that that area does develop and it sucks that it's lagging atm...


It's not "lagging" and you don't require specialized exercises, you just haven't filled out your frame yet.

Keep benching heavier and gaining bodyweight and those spaces will fill in.


closer grip bench presses.

Cable flys were you criss cross your arms.

Eat more food.


What made you abandon flat? Focus on that, barbell incline and weighted dips until you're strong. Think 5 sets of 5. The muscle will fill in as you adapt... If you train like some bodybuilders do (isolation movements, machines, high reps) with no strength base, you aren't going to like the results


He doesn't need to do specific exercises. Inclines > Flat's imo anyway.

OP, you don't have enough mass to have full pecs yet. Keep training and eating and they fill themselves out.


I had the same problem and kept expecting my upper chest to fill in as I got bigger overall. Didn't happen.

My recommendation is to prioritize incline pressing movements (barbell, dumbbell, Smith, Hammer Strength come to mind). Go hard and heavy, keep your should blades back and make sure you can feel your chest working. Doing upper chest and having your shoulders and tris do the work is not going to get results.

Keep flat bench exercises (barbell or DB) in the routine as well. I wouldn't bother with flyes (dumbbell or machine) much for a couple of years.


Yeah, I'm 205 @ 6'1", I'd say I'm @ 15-17% bf, but you can judge alright from the pics.

Anyways, I've just seen smaller guys with that area "covered" so to speak, so I've heard the "your just not big enough" thing before, but I suppose I'll just keep pounding the presses.

And yeah, I try to get a full stretch in my chest at the bottom of every chest exercise now, it's a trick I recently picked up in the last month or so and I can really feel in on machines, and dumbbell presses.

So I'm thinking I'll do DB Flat, Smith or BB Incline, and either flys or machine press...

Thanks for the input guys, really appreciate it!




Flies? Come on people! wtf.

You need size, a lot of it.

Do big HEAVY compound movements.

Yes I would use this order during my routine incline bench, flat bench, then dips.



wow, just mentioning flies gets all this- buzz? (pun intended)
i was just saying he should mix it up a bit.

but OP, you dont look 205 to me, JUST GET BIGGER, lift heavy and eat. it will come..


Grow some fucking muscle.

That should help.


I agree with everyone on the size. I like Bill's advice the most. Weighted dips are hard to beat alond with incline DB or barbell. This shit takes time though.


you can get mass from flies, exp outer pec thickness. If youre going to knock flies, you are missing a great staple.


I agree that pressing movements like flat bench, incline bench, and DB bench should be at the forefront of a mass building routine for the chest, but duhast is correct here in saying that flies do have a place.

Without them, it is like only ever doing overhead pressing for the shoulders and never doing rear/side lateral raises... sure the muscles will grow, but don't expect complete development.

Flies (be it DB, cable, or pec deck) make for a great "finisher" at the end of a chest workout.

Take two twin brothers, put them on the same program, except have twin one do flat, incline, and DB bench... and twin two do the same thing, except finish it off with cable flies.

Fast forward a couple years, guess who has the fuller, better looking pectorals?


OP (thought this was obv). Didn't know he's 205 -- would be helpful to see lift #s. Regardless, I don't know what he meant by concentrating on flies, but they should not be the first or second movement. Decent finisher, but that's it.


I do Good Mornings with 185 for 5 reps, Romanian Deadlifts w/ 225 for reps, Can squat 265 for 5 (below parallel), but have been working on my squat depth so have dropped the weight to hit rock bottom. Can bench 205 for 5...

Deadlift 350 for a couple, but grip strength is really killing me on deadlifts, and for some reason I suck using straps and can lift better without them...

And if you saw me in person, you would know I'm at least 200. So maybe I'll post some more pics or something later.

And at this weight I can do 9 wide grip pull-ups. I'd have to say my back/legs are def. my strengths, also my shoulders are fairly strong, but my chest/arms, although not neglected, aren't my best attributes.