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The Milky Way Core Rising


This is a pretty badass time lapse video of the Milky Way core rising over Texas. Awesome!


thank you


holy shiawt


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Awesome stuff!


I could watch that shit all day long.

Anyone know of good DVD's on the universe, planets and stuff like that? Discovery/NGC documentaries? I love to watch that while baked.


Same here. It's fascinating.


thats amazing thats for sharing!


Fantastic. Great find.


If only I could see the sky like that from my house... damn lights.


I must post pics from when I take the boat out to the middle of a lake and the closest light is 5 miles away


Holy fuck that was excellent.

Love watching that shit, reminds me there are much more interesting things to contemplate than me and my stupid little triumphs and defeats.


Absolutely gorgeous. Astronomy has always amazed me. I think it's awesome how you can sense Earth's axis from the angle of the density of light from the core.


You can? Well shit...