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The Mighty Stu in a Magazine


I was reading a magazine and there was 'The Mighty' Stu Yellin, giving advice about training the shoulder muscles rather than just Militaries, for balanced development.

The same (good) advice he gave me several years ago: http://velocity.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/what_do_you_military_press

Anyway, since this is quite an achievement, and he's a nice and humble guy (and those sort usually deserve praise, but seldom seek it out), I thought i'd bring this to all of your attention.

The magazine is 'Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness - November 2011'


Great News!


Most excellent


I've read the article...Good stuff. Congrats, Stu.


he deserved it 110%,he's humble,very teeknikal and knows his stuff,so congratulations from Italy :slight_smile:


Saw this very nice two part interview with Stu recently on muscle and strength.

Edit: links were removed. Follow the breadcrumbs..


^^^ Had not yet seen that one, Thanks roybot


No problemo. I found it by accident and thought it had already been posted on T-Nation.


Just shows what a humble dude Stu is.
If that were me, I'd be braggin' and posting my shit all over this forum!



Suggested theme song for thread:

Stu, can you video a posing routine to this? Thanks.



Effin' Steely!


It's incredible how valuable he is to these forums.


Good article, strange the link is removed he just talks training and competing while pushing Biotest supps.


Just Google Stu Yellin... you'll find the articles.


Glad to hear he's getting some recognition for his efforts. Congrats, Stu.


Grats! Good Stuff!


Great articles, Stu. Congratulations -- nice website as well.


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Thanks guys. Yeah, That was the issue that covered my WNBF pro card win from last June, so there's a nice shot of me with the contest results on pg 92, a little write-up on my approach to shoulder training on pg 32 (they used my least favorite pic from the shoot, but whatever, I'm published -lol), and they also used two pics of Cat towards the end of the magazine to accompany articles as well.

The interview I did with Muscle and Strength is actually over 2 years old. They approached me as I was getting ready for what would turn out to be my USBF Pro Card win (late 2009/early 2010). So while they've updated a few of the pics in my 'competitor profile' this past year, I don't know if some of the answers in the interview are dated... probably not, as not much has changed, but just putting it out there.

Always cool to get some recognition and respect for all the discipline and effort required for my work :slight_smile:



Stu is truly a great guy who's always happy to share his hard earned knowledge.

Congrats, you deserve all the success that comes your way.