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The Mighty Stu Appreciation Thread


After reading your countdown threads along with many of your posts I have to say that you're one of the most influential members in this site.


Stu's the man


I find his laid back approach to posting to be refreshing. He has walked the walk and doesn't brag.


meh, i prefer MODOK.

just kidding, Stu is awesome to the max.



Thanks Stu, you were a lot of help before I ever really posted.


Stu's truly someone to look up to. A real role model and a real champion.


stu is the cat's pajamas


He helps me out a whole lot with my training.


Stu, I appreciate you.


Stu speaks succinctly but gives friendly, to the point advice. Can't ask for more. Hope he wins all his comps.


Love Stu! His advice is really refreshing.


Well said.


Stu is a great asset to the T-Nation community.


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So stu, are your nuts sore yet?


Hugs and kisses to your nuts Stu.


I am pleased to present to The Mighty Stu, the "Lifetime Achievement Golden Poptart Award".

Congrats, Stu! A fitting resemblance!


Lol..that's awesome!


I've really enjoyed reading all the advice Stu has to offer. His posts on hand orientation for lateral raises has had me getting a really good feeling out of the exercises.

(for those interested)
Ant delt (front raise)= thumb or palm up for more extreme isolation
BO raises = pinky side of hand facing up
Lateral raises= still palm down