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The Mighty Smolov

OK, a quick post is a good post…

Tomorrow I’ll be doing my 2nd last squat in the meso-cycle of the Smolov Squat Routine. I’m really looking forward to hammering out 240lb’s, 10 sets of triples. At a weight of 150lb, i’m quitely humble!

I’m wondering, has anybody had any success with the Smolov Jr routine, with doing deadlifts? I’ve had a lot of success with the squat program & if the deadlift program delivers as well as the squat program does…juz show me where to sign!

I still have the base cycle to go, so really, i’ve got about 6 weeks ahead of me, including the 2 weeks break that’s suggested.

Tomorrow’s going to be MASSIVE.

deadlifts? smolov? sounds like a great wat to fuck yourself up.

Hey sweet, this is my first post ever. like even on the internet. technotard no more!

anyways, i’ve just done smolov jr for deads and bench simultaneously. found the deads super tough, to the point of dreading workouts, and tweaked my back so had to miss one workout to recover. testing new max on sunday.

overall i like it but i’m really not too keen on 9’s (and even 7’s) with upwards of 75-80%. I can say i put on a few pounds of decent weight (made sure to eat plenty)and my conditioning improved for sure. i’d consider doing it again but there’s other templates (that don’t hit such high rep sets)that i’d be trying first.

for what it’s worth my max at the start was 430 and i hope to hit 450 on sunday. as for bench i started at 270 and hope to get 285.