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The mighty dry curd...


You know, ever since i've been on this site i haven't heard anyone talk about dry curd and its role as a kickass protein supplement. It doesn't taste like anything, really, so its very versatile for mixing with your favorite protein powder, condiment, or jam and peanut butter. per 125g serving it contains 24g protein, 0.5g carbs, and 0.8g fat... Am i the only one using this food on a daily basis? I love it with no sugar jam and natural peanut butter, or with salsa, ketchup and hot sauce, with low fat dressing and mixed veggies, with chocolate protein powder and nat. peanut butter, etc... its also great in salads. Anyone else use it? got any recipes? oh yeah, and its cheaper per gram of protein than cottage cheese to boot!

Another wicked food i love to eat is Silver Hills bread made without flour. All organic ingredients, 5.4g protein/16g carbs/2g fat per slice and 4.9g fibre- can't go wrong with that... by the way, i'm in BC and the bread is made locally so i don't know if people in other areas have something similar? Take care:)