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The Mid-Terms: Your Predictions?


The problem with third parties is, if you look around the world, that they don’t land in the centre of the two majority parties, they land on the extreme ends.

This takes a stable base away from the major parties and they scrap for the middle vote. Which seems okay initially but you essentially end up with two parties that are mildly different flavours of each other.

This might sound okay but to get anything done, they need to negotiate with the third party which is the voice of the extreme. It gives them greater power than what the people want.

There’s no easy answer.


Also, point of order… if Israel “hypnotized the world” then why the hell does every country around them want them dead? Worst hypnotists ever.

I never really got antisemitism. Here we have a bunch of people with high IQ’s, high industriousness, stable families and social structures and an emphasis on personal success and responsibility to the tribe (community). Do people just hate them because they’re successful? It seems like everywhere they go they’re hated. The fascists hated jews. The commies and socialists hate jews (they still do if you look at antifa/occupy wallstreet rhetoric). Marx hated jews and he was one. Did Moses kick someone’s dog really damn hard?


Usury (/ˈjuːʒəri/) is, as defined today, the practice of making unethical or immoral monetary loans that unfairly enrich the lender

Who controls the banks.


This is also part of it.

Part of the reason why Germany wanted them out, because you cant be expected to give your all to Germany, when you put your tribe first.


You do know that Jews had to become bankers/merchants/jewlers because Christians wouldn’t let them own land right?

At a certain point Christian’s couldn’t charge other Christian’s interest so the nobles gave Jews money to lend to merchants and they charged interest.


I’m telling you, it’s the giant circumcised penises. G-d just looked at us, said that wasn’t fair, and told us to clip off a bit, and we’re still bigger.

We’ve tried to keep it a secret, but dudes like Ron Jeremy keep causing trouble.


We’re talking about present though.

Look what happened to Germany when they kicked out the bankers… Economic BOOM

No more interest on home loans. Obviously its WAY more complicated.

Hitler also believed that communism was a jewish conspiracy. Most of the leaders of the revolution were jews.


My grandfather was among the most decorated German soldiers of WWI. He was fully integrated, just like 90% of all Jewish Germans at the time.

Fat lot of good that did him.


As of yesterday’s election, Shelia Jackson Lee.


Lots of interesting things about that time period. The Haavara agreement is especially interesting. Nobody ever mentions this in “school”


They didn’t kick out any bankers. They gave the banks to their cronies. The “boom” was from stealing everything from 2% o the population, massive government warfare programs, and plundering their neighbors.

Yes, he did believe that. It also wasn’t true. While there were plenty of Jewish commies (Marx was not, BTW, he was Lutheran), it’s only by default, in that Jewish people were the specific targets of the nationalistic movements, and thus not welcome.


Dunno. I learned about it in 7th grade history.


Oh my Hell…

Ilhan Omar needs to concentrate on the atrocities that have been committed in that hell-hole called Somalia she ran from…and all those continuing to be perpetrated by Somalia and the surrounding Countries.

This kind of crap is “progress”?

(P.S. A day after the Mid-Terms, and Jeff Sessions has been fired. As much as Trump humiliated him in public; I’m surprised that he lasted this long…)


Don’t lose hope. The whigs died, the Uk liberals died. A 3rd party can become a first party, it does take time though.


I’m just gonna leave this here.

You always go for the ethnic group that is traditionally engaged in commercial activity - that’s the convenient scapegoat.


Theyd have said this about California once upon a time. Never count out a party till they are buried.


Its absolutely NOT mentioned in any American history books. (Haavara agreement)

I have made my own determination of what is true by doing my own research. Definitely not by blindly believe what is in the History books.


I don’t personally believe in demographic history or permanent majorities. I think people will make such predictors look foolish.


He needed to wait until after the midterms. Trump was terrified of losing both houses of Congress.


You can bet he hung on till he could ensure a (from his perspective) viable replacement. Jeff has thick skin.