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The Mid-Terms: Your Predictions?


Ya, but I think that was part of the problem. His nonsense was mostly hidden until it was too late (in the primary). I’m not sure how Evangelicals voted in the primaries? . Believe me, I detest the man, but Clinton was clearly not a better choice for Evangelicals and I think I’m the only remaining person that thinks voting 3rd party if viable…

And let the “queen of abortion” win?

I would argue she’s a worse choice for Evangelicals, but I agree they could have influenced the primary (if they didn’t), voted 3rd party, or not voted at all.


I’ve trumpeted this for years on this forum but sadly I will probably be dead before one is viable.


Well, he was Canadian - sooooooo…


I really think you need a four party system to make a winner-take-all system work, liberal, conservative, a center-right, and center left. Then you can actually vote for a candidate. Now, a vote for any Democrat is a vote for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer (or whomever the party bosses are). Same with Republicans, albeit to a lesser degree, in that their party is not nearly as hierarchical – but still pretty much is.

We have a parliamentary system in Israel, so you have ~8 real parties to chose from. It has its strengths and weaknesses, in that, to make a government, you have to form coalitions with some pretty fringe folks.

If I was at the US Constitutional Convention, I’d propose a parliament for the House and a winner-take-all for the Senate (or go back to making the state legislatures pick Senators). You’d end up with a blend of the strengths (and not as much of the weaknesses).

Or, alternatively, make political parties unconstitutional, so each person has to run on his/her own.


I don’t disagree but have to have a third party before you get a fourth. Would just be nice to not have everyone have a binary choice.


I think you have to skip to four. As it is, three would just be a spoiler for someone. Not sure it’s practical; hence why it hasn’t happened since the Wiggs (although the Bull Moose Party came close).


I predict the democrats will take the House and the republicans will keep the Senate…


Just not in the GOP actions.

Well, we’ve got a POTUS on his 18th wife, cheats with pornstars, pays hush money to make it go away. We’ve got a GOP that adores this new leader, and everything he stands for. Abortion being illegal absolutely nowhere near in sight, with no attempt even made.

To the conservative part, we’ve got record breaking spending from our even larger federal government, and record breaking deficits. We’ve got Trump interfering with the free market in a trade war with China, bailing out farmers with billions in add’t welfare.

Imo it takes more for someone to appeal to church going conservatives than repealing EPA laws and cutting taxes for the rich.

edit: H kinda beat me to it.


I totally get they’ll be voting red. I’m just confused how their church goings are causing that, when the Republican party has brought equal positives to Christianity that the Dems have.


For all the good it’s doing them. Talk is useless

See above

See above

Which means, to me, the GOP has been nothing but a monumental failure when reality is viewed.

I know they’re voting that way. But TBH I still don’t have a great grasp of why. Guess they’re still rooting for that ‘never gonna come’ abortion bill.


This is by design. They don’t actually like being in power and never intended to do anything they promised to do. When they are in power they’re just democrat light. That’s why they hate Trump so much.


Who gives a fuck about homosexual marriages? I mean be against it all day long if you want but politically the issue is settled and we aren’t going back. Maybe I’ve missed it but Republicans aren’t even campaigning about it anymore at the national level right?


The gay people that sue wedding bakers because they won’t make a gay cake.

You know the people that call other people fascists while trying to use government force to compel the labor of others and correct their wrongthink.


This x100.


I meant as an actual political issue at the national level. I was just surprised to see it brought up as I don’t ever hear Republicans talking about trying to go back to before it.

The Supreme Court ruled correctly in that case.




So this is what MN voted for. That and woman beating Keith Ellison. I guess the whole “believe all women” thing only applies to women accusing right wingers. Tell me again how antisemitism is Trump’s fault.



Voting for a third party is all well and good; however, unless you truly think both actual parties are equally bad, your vote is like a vote for whichever party you think is worse.


I mean, they let Jesse the body Venture run their state for a while…

It’s more like not voting than what you wrote. Not voting for the lesser of two evils (in your mind) =/= voting for the party that you think is worse. That’s just plain silly.


Beto is changing his name to “Nacho”. As in, Nacho Senator.


Come on bro. That’s the oldest play in the book.

Selective outrage. Obama hangs out with Farrakhan, but trump is the anti-Semitic one. Even though he moved the embassy, and his daughter is married to a Jew.

If a right winger had tweeted that, he would be labeled a Nazi.