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The Mid-Terms: Your Predictions?


Thank heaven for small miracles. I may not be enthused with a Dem takeover of the house, but that Putinite crocodile being blown out is a joy.


Hey! We’re good, @Basement_Gainz!

I think that what I was pointing out is that some of what we see is not just Demographic Shifts…but people looking after themselves with the tire meets the proverbial road.

If a Marijuana Initiative and Medicaid expansion (keep in mind, though, that this is the program that covers kids) can pass in Utah?

Anything is possible, I guess.


And rec passed in Michigan!



Beto didn’t win this one but believe me this guy has a bright political future. My wife and I were invested in this guy because through the events that we attended we truly believe that he brings people together instead practicing the politics of hate and division. Texas is crazy state but do believe in my life time it will turn blue again. He got over 4mil votes and increased voter turnout to historic levels. Texas has been dead last in turnout for years. Many other dems in the state won so it’s not a total loss.


He seems to have a pretty decent attitude.



My understanding too is that for many people; Cruz came off as “Trump’s Little Bitch” (probably not as negative a description; but I think Texan’s understand…)

His “I had two choices, blah, blah” schtick rubbed a lot of Texans the wrong way.

Thoughts on Cruz?


You need to look at analytics of who voted how.
The above are pro 2A, against homosexual weddings, pro enforcement of existing immigration laws/border security, against abortion, against single payer healthcare.

The GOP (excepting RINOs who are liberals too cowardly to claim it) at least talks these same positions. Dems act against these, have expunged God from their platform, and 3x as likely to be irreligious.

But you already knew this, right?


It’s all in the GOP Platform.

I’m confused by your question, @pfury. Can you expound a little?


I don’t like him as a man or a politician but then again no one likes Ted Cruz but they vote for him anyway, go figure. If you can’t stand up to someone who attacks your family and then you turn around and toss his salad in public, you are spineless in my book. Nothing worse than a spineless man.
People who don’t stand for something will fall for anything.


What could have been


The antithesis of what we think of in Texans. (In general).


The part where your leader has multiple divorces, talks about sexually assaulting women, pays hush money to porn stars, and generally speaks of his fellow humans in horrific terms?

Evangelicals don’t stand for anything. Obvious they don’t actually give a shit what anyone does when they turned out for Trump in record numbers. Probably vote for Satan as long as he had an R next to his name.



UNLESS you are Gunnery Sgt. Hartman…

Then Texas is all “Steers and Queers”…


And I don’t see any horns! Ahh, I think that was Oklahoma, lol!



They certainly could use some Soul Searching…


It’s not like they had a better choice…


on second thought I may be mixing up two movies. Officer and a gentleman vs full metal jacket.


They had about 16 other choices in the primary. And they never mobilized together or stood up and said this guy isn’t a Christian or doesn’t represent our values. Maybe a few did, but on the whole?

Staying home on election day would have been an option as well. If you’re truly an evangelical and you back up what you say you could at least say neither of these people represent my values. And where have they been after he’s been elected? Are they rushing to condemn him when it comes out that he is paying hush money to porn stars while cheating on his wife? Of course not.

Hypocrisy from the religious goes hand in hand though.

Completely agree though that Clinton shouldn’t have been attractive to evangelicals though.



“Full Metal Jacket”

Pvt. “Cowboy” was from Texas!


Abortion and fallout from gay marriage. I think evangelicals could be convinced to stay home if the left wasn’t actively going after florists and wedding cake bakers. It would be attractive to disengage from the world if the world would allow it. Voluntary association according to conscience. No forced contraception coverage. Etc.

Abortion is a hurdle. Hard to stay home while believing innocent human lives are legally targeted for killing in abortion. But hey, it just has to be a pro abortion party.