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The Mid-Terms: Your Predictions?




Ding ding ding.


Wrong on the house, my bet on the senate is looking good. I figured Scott would eke out a win in Florida. Surprised at how close Texas was. Guess the money (and Ted being the zodiac) helped narrow it more than the Governor’s race.


Not too far off. Wasn’t as thorough as I thought it would be.

My state elected Keith Ellison. Guess everyone is over the whole “believe all women,” thing.


GOP needs Arizona & Montana to finalize senator wins, to counter Democratish GOP in Utah and Mississippi.

I think Trump will have more luck getting some things done by negotiating with Democrats. They will reward this by doing all they can to bring him down, by stabbing him in the back, while shaking his hand. A leopard can’t change her spots.


HUGE irony in this statement, @treco (not saying you are wrong)…as you are looking at arguably the two most Conservative states in the Union.

In many ways (not all; Mueller is still out there); Trump can determine his own destiny.

Look…he’s the big “Deal Maker”, right?

I also think that he will have much more luck negotiating with the DEMS.

We’ll see.


They believe their press man. Trump is “literally hitler” remember. They have to at least try after 2 years of histrionics. Part of their base WANTS them to lynch trump.


Supporting your hypothesis, @treco:

Prop 2; the medical marijuana ballot initiative; and Prop 3; the initiative to expand Medicaid; BOTH passed in Utah.

(Sure wish powerpuff was still here to offer her insights on what is going on in Utah…)


Look, guys;

Nancy Pelosi is a lot of things…but dumb is not one of them.

Also; for better or worse…she is good at what she does; and that is being a shrewd politician.

Trump will not “outsmart” or “outmaneuver” her; so his best bet is to make her an “ally” (kind of like Russia or Saudia Arabia…)


Romney’s back! Binders full of women!!!

Raising huge stacks of cash and forcing young democrats to bend the knee and get with tbe program.


Anyone with some insights on what went on with Utah and the passing of two “DEM-like” Propositions? (DANG where is Powerpuff?)


To clarify, l was referring to Romney and the MS GOP that l believe will take the special election. She was formerly a Dem(?). These rinos are not sure votes on all measures, which emboldens Dem opposition, imo.

But your point on more liberal initiatives in conservative states, is interesting.


You gotta warn a brotha before you say something so funny! I almost choked on my coffee!


One last observation, Black vote went ~92% Dem.
Far and away the most block votish. Like 4x Latinos.

It appears GOP has zero appeal to this demographic.
Which knowing many, who are church going and conservative in every way, surprises me.
Well, maybe they are the 8%.


Not only that. One takeaway is that extremely progressive views are no longer an automatic disqualifier in redish/purple states. Gillum had positions like universal Medicaid, increased taxes on everyone and he threw support behind the idea of a universal jobs guarantee.

He almost won governor. If this trend continues, say goodbye to national Republicans after 2024-ish. Florida and Texas going that far left means no more Rep presidents ever.

If the electorate wants socialism they’ll get it good and hard.



Love you too, Brother!

Again, @usmccds423…believe me…I don’t say it as a positive…

Nancy Pelosi is a damn good Politician…that is what she does and what she is.

“The Big Deal Maker” will be best served by not trying to outmaneuver her or sway her with his “charm”.

Negotiate with her? yes…

Outsmart her? Only in Trump Fantasy Land.


One thing to keep in mind, @Basement_Gainz

A lot of “Red/Trump” states have large Medicare and Medicaid populations…and a shitload of retiring Boomers. Rest assured that they are not all a bunch of Little Brown illegal people sucking off the State…

You may wear the “MAGA” banner proudly…but when one gets in that Booth?

Few will vote against that monthly check or that Medicare Card in their pocket.


Whoah. Not what I meant. Of course Republicans can’t touch SS and Medicaire.

Texas and Florida have been purple for a long time. But they’ve had good economies and the Republicans kept winning. Without them there is no chance a Rep president happens.

I just can’t imagine in say 1990 or 2000 a candidate for Governor in Florida endorsing a policy like a “jobs guarantee” and not losing by at least 25 points.

I guess I’m just surprised how well far left policies are doing in these traditionally red leaning states. The demographics are shifting, permanently.


What part of current day GOP would appeal to a church going conservative?

I would give my left nut to see WV’s reaction to sweeping entitlement cuts coming from Trump. Hopefully he knows better, at least this term.


On a side note, Russian State TV was doing live coverage of the midterms and the results, which is a first - usually it’s a 30 second blurb, if that.

Currently they’re freaking out because Rohrabacher lost, but praising the “only true white man” Steve King.