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The Mid-Terms: Your Predictions?


And Beto 2020 presidential run begins tomorrow?


All the policy positions of Bernie and Lizzy, twice as pretty and charismatic.

Hollywood doesn’t mind forking over cash for him either.


Davis and Davids gets a little confusing. I’m Spring Hill area just on the D2 side race between Watkins and Davis. I would’ve voted Yoder against Davids if I was D3 but went Libertarian for the house and governor. I don’t agree with Davis’ but she ran an excellent campaign to go after the middle. I have no clue what she will do in regards to Pelosi.

I think my profile pic tells you I would’ve marked Mahomes above anyone.


Yeah I have season tickets and usually give them out a few times. This season I don’t plan to except one I have to be out of town for work.

Tried to link it but keep fucking up. Buy yourself a Mahomes Hill 2020 Make Kansas City Great Again shirt


2020? They are making KC great again on 2/3/19.


Beto had not gone full blown anarchist, Cruz would be updating resume and praying for RBG to set sail.

I think this transcends Cruz being the kid that no one likes.
It speaks to a Texas that is teetering as the largest bulwark against a permanent Dem president


Indeed. 2020 “campaign” shirt. That’s a ticket I can back!

Edit: Ann Coulter tweeted Kansas is Dead to me so that’s a big win for the state if she never visits again.


Probably not yet. Too bad that Beto didn’t win but I did get one positive surprise out of my state. Colin Allred defeated 22 year incumbent Pete sessions. I don’t think anyone saw that coming.


Looks like the Senate is going to be 4 or 5 Republican flips.

House might be 30 dem flips and 5 rep flips by the time it’s all tabulated out. They only need 23 net to take the house.

Scott Walker holds on, again. Nobody saw that coming.


Things are playing out a “little” more philosophical on one hand…and a little more practical:

  1. I think that the Founders were beyond simple humans by shaping a Government composed of three branches; of equal power; that could serve as one (among many) systems of checks and balances. Practically, maybe all we may get is gridlock; but at least one of three branches should not be in the hands of one Party. So…the DEMS taking the House is a “good” thing (IMO).

  2. The fact that the DEMS take the House; in and of itself; shouldn’t bother Trump nearly as much as the potential committee chairpersons that he has absolutely vilified and disparaged over his time as President.

  3. The fact the the GOP takes the Senate is news in and of itself; but two things are sticking out a) they have picked up seats and b) the “moderating” GOP voices in the Senate have either retired and/or were soundly defeated. This could be significant.

  4. It is more and more obvious that the GOP is more and more the Party of Trump. The question is that while this obviously is a winner if you Kiss the Ring; what happens when Trump is gone, and/or Trump decides to cut deals with the DEMS?

  5. Suburbanites, women and Independents whom helped put Trump over the top in 2016 appear to have abandoned him in this Mid-Term.

What I see ultimately is a) a shrinking “center” and b) the divide and gridlock worsening.

I think that the direction that it goes in the hands now of 3 people now:

Trump; McConnell and Pelosi.

(What do you see, @thunderbolt23 and others?)


Walker is certainly a survivor…

I’ve always liked him in the same mold of Ryan…


One other thought…

I don’t think that the American people will have much patience for the DEMS in the House if all they become is “anti-Trump” or they stink up the House with the type of fiasco that was the confirmation of Kavanaugh.

(By the way…there was a “Kavanaugh effect” in a few races. (Based on polling).


The talking heads already gave Trump his cover. Hot takes:

  1. Obama lost like 69 seats in the house in his first midterm and Clinton lost 60 some. They lost Senate seats too. So prepare for the “better than Obama” tweet.

  2. If 44 Republicans don’t retire from the house out of disgust for Trump I don’t think the Dems would have taken control.

  3. The Dems have all the big money donors and billionaires solidly on their side now. Beto outspent unpopular Cruz by a ton. But Hillary spent a billion, so $ =/= victory.

  4. Nearly every governor and senator Obama stumped for lost (Gillum, Abrams, Beto). Clinton didn’t do rallies for anyone, which was wise.

  5. The dems are running more military vets and reasonable people in some red states. Well done. We’ll see if they keep their promises to not vote Pelosi.

  6. Looks like Reps just pulled an upset in CA 8. NV results are coming in allot redder than expected. But I’m too tired to care anymore. I’ll check tomorrow.

See ya @Mufasa


By the way…

Nancy Pelosi can drive them right back to siding with Trump…


Good point, @Basement_Gainz.


Oppose him at you peril. Trumpians did just fine.


Looked a lot like business as usual. No really great or overwhelming shift. I’m actually kind of surprised that it has panned out to be this tame. Kind of glad too. The preceeding lunacy was getting old.


@SkyzykS…in many ways, yes, I would agree…

But in many ways, things could get more divisive and partisan.

It all depends on how Trump, McConnell and Pelosi want to play this, especially Trump.

As I said earlier; Trump has publicly disparaged and vilified many of the individuals who will be chairman of key House Committees…

Then there is Mueller still looming out there.

Will the gains in the Senate be Trump’s counter to all this?

I really don’t know.


Me either. Granted, the last 12 hrs since my first post in this thread show quite clearly what I get for buying a crystal ball at the dollar store!



As most of you folks now, I don’t identify with either party; I agree with D’s on some things, with R’s on others, I’m generally disgusted with the games both sides play, and listening to Trump talk makes me sad if only because I can’t believe someone that stupid holds our highest elected office (and yes, I view that as an indictment of Dems and their policies as well).

The ads on both sides that I heard for the last week just made me nauseous. Good lord.