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The Mid-Terms: Your Predictions?


Many Floridians sad to learn Andrew Gillum is black. Big push by some to get pictures of candidates on ballots especially if they have white sounding names.

Just playing.

Biggest election ever though like they say ever 2 years


For real? Didn’t he want the full socialist laundry list (Medaid for all etc…). Florida always shows blue and then the panhandle reports later and pulls in a bunch of Rep votes.


Lol no just having some beers and messing around. I haven’t followed the scene as much as I used to so I don’t really know what either guy stands for. I’m guessing one is Trump good and the other is Trump bad?



Oh god. That face is so unsettling.


from fivethirtyeight site:

Well, Joe Donnelly of Indiana is done for. It might well be that the red state Democrat’s fate was sealed by his vote against Brett Kavanaugh in the Senate.


My prediction: I will wake tomorrow and realize that my 2 year nightmare continues as trump is still the main character in the ultimate reality show called the president.

My only consolation is that Beto will send Cruz packing.

The dems will win the house and subpoena trumps tax returns.


Four more chins!


I wouldn’t put those eggs in a Beto basket yet. But impressive job by him if it’s even super close at the end. I bet he is a major player in the future as well.


This. They are extending poll times in Texas because people are still standing in line.


Why do people put up with that shit when early voting is so easy?


Well they were extended in Austin. Which is blue-ish. So… might bode well for Beto.


It just flip-flopped, so totally seems like a tossup:

(as of 9:41 eastern time)

Ted Cruz leads by 1.8 percentage points, or 85,828 votes, over Beto O’Rourke with 16 percent of precincts reporting.


70% in Texas already showing. Beto still in lead.
@punnyguy you using dial up? :slight_smile:



I am using the NYTimes site, guess Trump is right about that rag…

For the record, I am for gridlock. Even as a “conservative” by today’s standards, I think the Trumpian moves -which his enemies are stupidly ignoring in favor of yelling about his hair and his Twits (intentional misspelling) need to be checked.


Next few days should be even more annoying than usual if this holds like it looks. Democrats can say “we took the house because of Trump” and Republicans can say “we kept the Senate because of Trump.”

Everyone is going to spin this as a win for their team.

Except my third party anyone but D or R teams of course!

More importantly my Chiefs are good this year and I look forward to the heartbreaking playoff loss later.


Damn. Kansas just got called for Laura Kelly over Kobach. I thought she would have a shot but still surprised by my state.

Curse of Brownback.


I had a post half typed this afternoon when I got distracted by work, so you’ll have to trust that I called this one. Kobach was a horrible one issue (immigration) candidate that is not supported by most of the state.

I am literally on the line of D2 and D3. I think I remember you saying you are in KS as well. Watkins was possibly the worst congressional candidate possible and will likely lose Jenkins old seat. In my original draft post I acknowledged that Sharice Davids had run a really good campaign but I thought Yoder would prevail in D3. It is looking like that was incorrect and 2 out of the 4 KS districts will shift to democrats.


Beto is done, Lion Ted wins. Senate stays Rep for 100% sure.


Yeah. We likely live fairly close if that’s where you’re at. Kobach was lucky to take the primary.

Davis had been polling ahead despite my YouTube playing a negative ad against him every video lol. I thought Yoder would hold as well that surprised me.

What I really wonder is Davis says he would never vote for Pelosi. Will Dems have the spine to toss that bag out and get someone new?

Chiefs still more important to me.

Edit: just checked and Watkins Davis still close.