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The Mid-Terms: Your Predictions?


It’s super hard to out campaign a booming economy.

Imo it’ll be super impressive if the Dems over take the house. Doing so when everyone is doing this well would be pretty substantial.


Hard to appeal to that group by telling them that they’re doing too well because -isms.


Early voting favors Republicans and turnouts have been huge.

I would think this bodes really well for the GOP. Shows their enthusiasm is really high which shouldn’t be easily expected when they have held all three for two years.


It goes back a lot further than this.

How do you support heavy industrial workers and the environment that “they destroy!” at the same time?

Quick answer is that you don’t. Dirty industry Bad! Environment good! Dirty workers are dumb! Clean green tech workers good!


Correct me if I’m wrong, but early voting has never favored anyone except republicans in my entire lifetime.


IMO the Dems screwing up the ACA was the biggest political fumble in recent memory. Moreso than the deplorables comment. Yeah they put a bunch of poor folks on Medicaid and subsidized a bunch more. Those people were going to vote Dem anyway.

But anyone who got insurance through work or bought it themselves saw premiums freaking skyrocket and consumer choices go down. After O promised the average family would save $2,500 and you could keep your plan. They basically pissed off everyone with a job.


Read somewhere that early voting was 40M this go round and 27M in 2014. Dont know what that means.


I was wondering about this, but I would still think it speaks to the enthusiasm if a record number are doing it.

Guess we will find out the significance tonight.


Yep - I’ll give you that - Gillum is a true believer.


It’s like the Democrats at a certain point settled down on this kind of thinking-

Minorities are the poorest people nationally->help minorities to improve the lives of poorest->??->the only poor people worth noticing are minorities->identity politics is important.

I’ve read the Democratic political platforms and statements and everything from my state (CA), and everything somehow eventually comes back to helping the poor, who are minorities.


That’s the only way catering to special interests can go. Once you go beyond protecting life, liberty, and property, you have to take from some to give to others.


It lead to a bunch of the falsely dichotomous thinking we see now. If this, then that, etc.


I’m glad to hear someone say that, @Basement_Gainz.


Another good point, @H_factor.



If the DEMS haven’t done it already…they never will.


I was thinking about this a little bit. I wonder if any/many women might be pissed about what appeared to be a blatantly politically motivated attack using women.


I have seen it postulated that the Kavanaugh hearings reminded everyone of how Nancy et al behaved during Bush 2’s terms.

That might have given Reps some energy trying to avoid the Salem witch trials and hysterics for two whole years.


I hope my vote matters. I just wrote TRUMP in giant block letters across my ballot. He better be President when I wake up!


If he isn’t that means he either died or Nancy impeached him at light speed lmao.


Watching the results roll in on several channels. Fox, MSNBC, CNN all the commentators look nervous. Like these results will lead to the purge or something.

Also Fox anchors have called every leading candidate (male and female) “attractive”. You’d think in #metoo era they’d choose a different word. Just watched Brett call Gillum “attractive” again. This is going to be a meme.