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The Mid-Terms: Your Predictions?


Pick up Michael Savages Political Zoo. I was given this book several years ago. I find it very amusing, as 51 dems/pubs/Hollywood stars are given animal names.


Barbara Boxer: “The California Cackle Hen is indigenous to Brooklyn, New York, but regularly migrates to the Left Coast after maturation, where it can better peck itself up the food chain”


Nancy “goblin shark” Pelosi.


I still say Jim Quinn’s “Pineapple Princess” was the best.


Okay @Mufasa , I’m about as good at predicting the future as I am at defying gravity.
Some things on my mind:

Kavanaugh hearings changed nobody’s mind. Extreme left and extreme right both had biases confirmed. Maybe gave energy to Reps to show up with that whole “shame on you” song and dance.

Caravan is funded by Soros groups (allegedly). Ideally they wanted pictures of separated children and probably dead people gunned down by ICE. It put Dems in a tough spot because it’s hard to argue illegals enrich our economy when blacks and latinos have staggeringly low unemployment right now.

The jobs not mobs narrative is a for real sentiment among the “silent” Trump supporters (same ones who felled the blue wall). I’ve talked to labor guys who said they’ve never seen more anti-democrat sentiment among their guys who carried Clinton and Obama. Not only do they like rising wages and more manufacturing jobs, the Dems have done absolute zero to reach out to working whites since 2016.

If I had to try as hard as I can to ignore my biases and actually put money on today’s outcome:

House: 218 dem/217 Rep

Senate: 54 rep/46 dem. Menendez looks vulnerable too

Florida: Gillum
PA: Wolf
Georgia: Brian Kemp (stacey went 100% socialist gungrabber this week)


Atheist Euro trash = Communists
South American Rebels = Caravans

Sounds pretty accurate to me.

BTW, that redhead in the middle can wear my MAGA hat any day.


I think “Pitiful Pelosi” is right up Trumps alley.


I don’t know about you guys, but the race for Mosquito Control County Seat 2 is a real nail biter down here.

Seriously, I’d bet on the red wave… not much, but if I was going to put money on it I would.

At least in Florida, longtime US Senator and Live Action Skeletor actor Bill Nelson may be replaced by our current Governor and also avid Skeletor actor Rick Scott.


Yeah. My nick name choices are too complicated and way the hell out there.

That is pretty catchy though.


This abandonment of their former principle has not gone unnoticed.


:laughing: :laughing:


Reps keep Senate. Dems take House narrowly.

Everyone talks about how huge this moment is and how powerful the results of today are going to end up being but…

Nothing changes. Democrats are mad at Republicans for doing the same stuff they did and Republicans are cool with doing what they bitched at Democrats about when it was Obama.

On and on.


I know a blue wave is likely in the House, but I sure could use another day of liberals melting down after yet another lose. It was quite glorious after Trump won.


Agree with you and @Basement_Gainz on this - the Bigger Tent strategy - assuming it ever existed - was quickly canned in favor of the Double Down On Base strategy.


Can’t “like” more than once, so had to leave a comment.


A red wave- it might be a small one - Republicans hold the house.
De Santis & Scott in Fla. Many of us down here realize Gillum is a communist


They’re all communists. The color is switched, but the democrats are all red.


If Republicans hold the house there will be some serious Democrat soul searching.


Lol, I doubt there will be any soul searching at all.


I think it did in theory, but was devastatingly poorly executed. Instead of being all inclusive it became a circular firing squad of conflicting special interests. Hence this spur into identity politics.

Plus, nothing looks more bumbling and disingenuous than an established politician trying to portray cool and hip. See mayor Bill Peduto for a prime example.


It’s fair to say that Democrats have been the party that appeals more to the poor since the New Deal and definitely since the Great Society.

For a long, long time they were also the party that tried to appeal to the middle class worker (both union and non union). The middle class family that’s trying to do 10% better for their kids. I just don’t see much messaging from the Dems right now designed to hit that niche.