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The Mid-Terms: Your Predictions?


Somebody is messing with the wiki.


So…let’s say you’re Hispanic. You meet a pasty white Irish guy named John O’something and after shaking hands he casually mentions that everybody calls him “Juan O’something” and that’s the name he goes by in public.

Wouldn’t your first reaction be “Wow, you’re such a fucking asshole and I want to punch you in the face”


So I don’t know anything about Beto, but just a word on the live-in nanny thing (esp in Manhattan): those can actually be quite lucrative jobs. One of my college friends hired a live-in nanny for a year with their first kid because they were both movers and shakers that work 80-90 hour weeks and/or had meetings and calls late night or on weekends. They paid their live-in nanny something like $60K/year (and while they do very well for themselves, they were late-20’s relatively-normal NYC high earners, not necessarily 42-year-old-in-the-C-suite rich) and then you have to account for “free rent” if they’re live-in as well. It’s believable (to me) that a live-in nanny for some folks in Manhattan gets paid six figures, especially if you’re giving credit for not paying $3K/month to rent an apartment.

NYC is a crazy place, man. You are certainly welcome to find it weird (and I don’t really give a crap about Beto unless he becomes a presidential candidate) but just providing some context that “live-in nanny in Manhattan” doesn’t strike me as weird as it might’ve since I know a couple that had one.


Was the nanny male? I think that is what people might find weird.


I understand that (although, really, it’s probably time to move past this kind of bullshit that only males or females can be basically anything; I work with a number of female physicians that are mistaken for nurses daily, along with a fair number male nurses who are likewise mistaken for physicians, and it really pisses both sides off that people still make assumptions about who has what job based on their gender).

If you were fresh out of college, wanted to live in NYC for any reason, and needed a job to pay your rent and grocery bills, starting as a live-in nanny is probably a relatively good gig to land vs waiting tables, tending bar, cashiering at 7-11, etc.


I agree that it’s pretty silly to immediately assume a woman is a nurse and not a doctor and vice versa, but aren’t both fields still heavily gender bias?


For sure, there are more male physicians than female physicians, and likewise more female nurses than male nurses. I’m not saying people are entirely unjustified in seeing a female in a hospital and their first guess being “nurse” (or seeing a male in scrubs and their first guess being “doctor”) but it would still be nice if we stopped making those assumptions.

Would I want to be a live-in nanny? Shit, no. But it’s probably a pretty good gig for a broke twentysomething that wants to live in NYC.


Agreed. Not even because of the pay ($60k seems absurd to me given how much we pay people at our HQ in NYC), but for the free room alone.


I was shocked. NYC is just a different world than most of the rest of the country, lol. I knew that the couple who moved there were/are movers and shakers that wanted the hustle and bustle of the big city and the glitz & glam; we don’t talk much about money, but I strongly suspect that their household income comes pretty close to the rest of our group of college friends combined (which includes a JD, two MBA’s, and two PhD’s). Pittsburgh cost of living has been going up pretty seriously in the last couple years but it still doesn’t touch NYC or the Bay Area.


I hear you, my sis-in-law is a Vet and her husband has a good government job and they have a live in nanny that they don’t pay it’s just free room and board. This is in rural MD, though.

Ya, they’re wild places. I have no idea how people can live in either place short of making a quarter mil a year.

*Honestly not sure a quarter mil is enough…


Have a nephew with masters (phd?) from Stanford in stem field in Bay area.
Like 6 guys all crushing income living in flop house.


But on topic
AZ and FL gonna swap to D with slow counting and slick lawyers descending on states?


Even better. A lady who just happens to be friends with Gillum’s allys “found” a box of provisional ballots in Florida. Where have we seen this movie before? Wonder if Al Franken delivered them in the trunk of his car.

Just an fyi, provisional ballots are cast by people with no ID or voter registration that request one on election day. Good thing there’s no such thing as voter fraud. :roll_eyes:

Just like evidence that leaves the chain of custody shouldn’t be admissible in court, votes that leave the chain of custody shouldn’t be admissible in elections.


That is virtually cartoonish. Like 5 year old just found a cookie, which just happened to be in a jar, right after he was told he can’t have one.

It would be cute if it weren’t adults.


Exactly. The Nazis actually tried to prove that Jews did not do their fair share in WW1 but their own research showed that not only did Jews serve at a higher rate than “real” Germans but they also served in combat roles at a higher rate. There were even Jews who were happy when Germany invaded France in WW2.


Where do you go for research now that Stormfront is gone?


Not only that but Jews were dramatically over represented both in the officer corps and among the recipients of decorations for military valor.

Anne Frank’s father Otto fought on the Western front in WW1, for example.

And there’s of course Lt Hugo Gutmann who recommended in the summer of 1918 a young corporal from Austria for the Iron Cross.


Books your mother lends me.


I’m sure you do.


Corruption thy name is Snipes.