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The Mid-Terms: Your Predictions?

Okay, guys.

We are going on 48 hours before we know all of the results; so let’s put up your predictions, and see how it goes.

I will concede this to Trump; the man must reside in “Narcissist Heaven”; because Love him or Hate him…these mid-terms…and the record ballots we are already seeing…are all about him…the man is truly a Force of Nature…

Okay…me first:

  1. The “Blue Wave” is a Pipe Dream. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…a vote FOR something/someone is greater than one AGAINST something. Being “anti-Trump” will not be enough. All pundits have said it, and I agree…this is actually a “Mid-Term Presidential Election” that Trump “wins”.

  2. The House goes to the DEMS…and I can’t WAIT for Speaker Pilosi and Trump to go at each other. (Has Trump given her a name yet?)

  3. There may be some excitement in the Texas and Georgia races (Senate and Govenorships respectively)…but I predict that they both remain in GOP hands. Both have large minority populations; but enough to turn these states “Blue”? Naw. Purple maybe…and the GOP wins.

  4. Overall, I think that this will be a GOP night. There will be some select “surprises”; but ultimately I think the “Trump Effect” will be too strong.

Put yourselves out there, guys!

The Floor is now yours!

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A head-scratching Demographic for me:

“Suburban White Women”?

My personal bias conjures up visions of soccer; mini-vans; yoga-pants and Prozac/Oxycontin…

On a serious note…do YOU feel that they are a political force that can “turn” an election?

The “pundits” think so.


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(I don’t know…I think that all that’s missing in this group are the “MAGA” hats…)


Okay, guys…


Anything specific going on in your State?

Big red sweep. Bigger and redder than anything you’ve ever seen.

Usually I’d be just kind of kidding, but for real, I think that at this point the argument has become (in vastly oversimplified terms) that a red vote is for jobs, country, etc. And a blue vote is for antifa and identity politics.



It’s kind of funny to see how the GOP (as a whole) and Trump are getting “the” message across.

I was watching the news; and they were covering one of Trumps typical bombastic, “its-all-about-me” rallys full of the vitriol and “us-and-them” rhetoric.

Then almost IMMEDIATELY afterwards was a commercial of some GOP PAC showing some mother worried about her violin-playing daughters future…so she marks off straight GOP on her ballot, with a smile of relief…

I said to myself…“Bullshit…but well played…!”

Wasn’t it Bill Clinton who so famously said (paraphrasing):

“If you let the other side define who you are…you have already lost…”

(or something very similar…)

A blue ripple. Gain the House, but by a dissapointing margin.

Yes, but who is doing the defining?

I second your prediction, for reasons that @SkyzykS and @Mufasa made above - Democrats didn’t define themselves by what they’re for very well or what they’d deliver if elected. But I do think the anti-Trump vote along with traditional cycles will make for a turnover of the House.


In the interest of contrariness, I’ll say GOP retained house, by a narrow margin, and 54 GOP Senate seats.

Haven’t looked into the governor’s mansion races, so I’ll not opine there.

C’mon, @SkyzykS.

You even wrote it. When someone (or a Party) gets labeled by their most controversial elements; when they are defined by Mobs, Pussy-Hat wearers and a group of jobless, black-mask wearing Euro-thugs whose only purpose in Life is to break windows and trash the Berkeley Campus…the GOP and conservatives have won.

How did it work for Hillary Clinton to point out the “deplorable” elements that fly under the GOP/Conservative/Trump banner (which is by their own admission, by the way)…from Neo-Nazis to White Supremacist?).

Not so good.

The GOP/conservatives are DAMN good at not only clearly defining themselves as the only “true” Americans…but defining the DEMS as some kind of mix of atheist Euro Trash and South American Rebels out to destroy America and all that is sacred.

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The Georgia race is the most interesting to watch.

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This. ANYONE who believes being ‘against’ something isn’t powerful as ‘for’ something was clearly sleeping for 6 of Obama’s 8 years. Like literally sleeping. Get yourself checked. That’s too much sleep.

Calling a majority in the house, and 2-6 more years of obstruction.


…and for Nancy Pelosi to get a Nickname from Trump…

(Hell…something fun should come out of all this…!)

I’ll be honest. Trump’s nicknames are boring and completely lacking in creativity.

As one of our local trolls, I would do so much better, and not once would I have to blow Putin prior to our press conference.

Why would you do it, then?

Dems thoroughly win the house. GOP keeps Senate and picks up a few more seats.

The press conference? Probably for the camera time. That kinda fame would go to my head hella quick.

Wait til I institute a maximum size on yoga pants. You people have never seen approval ratings so high


Good response! I was asking about the blow job you wouldn’t “have” to give Putin, but I failed to ask in a way that would prevent your response.

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