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The Mid-Term Elections

While the party in power tends to lose seats, I’m not sure about this. The Republicans are doing their best trying not to help people. Mainly, using the ruse of the deficit/debt. However some people aren’t buying the BS any longer. So maybe they don’t pick up seats, but the Dems are so bad maybe this won’t be a factor.

You mean by trying to limit the choking inflation that is coming?

That is one explanation. It just seems inconsistent that they all of a sudden care about it. They didn’t have any quips in 2017 when they did tax cuts with an already strong economy.

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I don’t recall the tax cut leading to about a 4.5% rise in consumer goods month over month. I could be wrong though.

Neither do I, but wouldn’t that only be a concern if that is what is happening now?

Through March we had a projected yearly inflation rate % of 1.9%.

Well the GOP overwhelmingly voted to retain Liz Cheney in power in the aftermath of the riots because they voted on principle and ethics. But then they went back home, listened to their constituents, came back and overwhelmingly voted her out of power because she criticized the ousted dear leader and his followers did not like that. Folks voting red are a minority, but they are a massive minority and it seems the divide between red and blue keeps growing. Id bet rural areas flip blue seats red, and urban areas flip red seats blue.

Its far more about culture wars now than it is about policy differences.

Maybe there are enough republicans who voted for Biden that the anti-trump republican movement will takeoff? I sure hope it does. I typically vote split ticket weighted blue in local elections, but anyone who supported trump is a HARD No for me, and i know that is the case for many others. If the only red options are followers of dear leader that might turn off the moderate base enough to not vote or vote for moderate blue candidates (best case scenario IMO).

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Yeah, but April was 4.2%

From the article:

“the government reported in the morning that the closely monitored Consumer Price Index climbed 4.2 percent in April from a year earlier, its fastest pace since 2008.”

I interpret this as in a year the CPI climbed 4.2% (from April 2020 to April 2021). That is a bit (a lot bit) different than:

Yep, I misread.

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Inflation and what is good or bad is tough for me to understand. I know many countries used to target 3%. I don’t think we have been above 3% for a long while now? I can see where high inflation could be bad, but I am not sure where that number is?

I think it’s super debatable, and in any case it is like me trying to read ancient Egyptian. The whole thing is incredibly confusing lol

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